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What is the best course in business administration?

Upskilled has a range of certificate and diploma-level courses in business and administration. Whether you're looking to start your own company or want to secure a role in office administration, our courses can help you gain relevant knowledge and skills for career success. 

The course you may choose to pursue may be one that puts you on the pathway to entrepreneurship or prepare you for your first office job. 
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  • What is it like to work in business administration? 

    Typically speaking, business administrators generally work a 9-5 schedule. They interact with different departments, spending time communicating with staff or executives. Business administrators need to be highly skilled in communication, problem-solving and attention-to-detail since they are the ones providing the team with support when it comes to record and information management.

    If you enjoy data entry and keeping information organised, a career in business administration may be a career pathway worth pursuing.

    Business administrators are needed in many industries, including:
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Education
  • What career outcomes can you achieve in business administration? 

    There are plenty of career opportunities to explore in business administration. If you're interested in starting a career in this field, you can start off working at an entry-level position and work your way up as you get more experienced. Having a qualification in business administration can help you gain relevant skills and knowledge to carry out the duties as office administrator more effectively.

    By having a broad range of administrative skills, here are some career pathways you can potentially explore in the industry:
    • Executive assistant
    • Office manager
    • Business support officer
    • Administration manager
    • Project assistant
    • Office administrator
  • What are the employment prospects in business administration? 

    If you're thinking about working in business administration, it's good to be aware of the employment prospects this field offers. Business administration is a great pathway if you're looking to change careers as having transferable skills like communication and critical thinking can go a long way.

    Here are some interesting facts and figures about the employment prospects for Clerical and Administrative Workers:
    • Most Clerical and Administrative workers can carry out their roles without any formal qualifications, however, obtaining a qualification through Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a common study pathway.
    • The growth of Clerical and Administrative jobs remain stable.
    • The average weekly pay is $1,383 for Clerical and Administrative workers. 
  • Why should you work in business administration?

    • Wide range of career paths available: As mentioned before, business administration has plenty of career opportunities available. With industries needing skilled workers in administration, you'll benefit from having the opportunity to move up the career ladder once you get more experienced. 
    • You learn a broad range of skills: Obtaining a qualification in business administration is highly recommended as it can teach you a variety of skills needed to carry out your responsibilities. If you complement this with work experience, this can put you in a great position where you learn a broad range of skills - both technical and transferable. 
    • A career pathway that embraces collaboration: If you're a people-person and enjoy working with others, then a career in business administration can highlight your strengths in teamwork and communication. Working in business administration relies on getting to know people from different departments and teams, as well as building good relationships with stakeholders. 
    • You believe in exceptionally good customer service: While you'll be expected to work on a number of administrative and clerical tasks, customer service comes first in business administration. Building good rapport with stakeholders and staff members can help you excel as an office administrator or similar. 
  • Is business administration the right career path for you? 

    If you're a great communicator that is highly organised, you already possess some traits that can help you thrive in a business administration role. Business administration is also a great pathway if you're a parent returning to work, a school leaver or someone that has a genuine interest in business.

    Here are some signs that may indicate a business administration career may be for you:
    • You enjoy working in a team.
    • You're an excellent communicator.
    • You're highly organised and can manage time effectively. 
    • You enjoy tapping into your leadership skills when working on a task.
    • You can work under pressure.
    • You have excellent attention-to-detail. 
  • Why should you study business administration? 

    Upskilled has course offerings in business administration that can equip you with the skills needed to pursue your ideal career outcomes. You may want to start your own business or be in an office role where your responsibilities are varied.

    There are plenty of great reasons why you should study with Upskilled - one of the main ones being that our courses are delivered online, giving you flexibility to tend to your work and personal commitments.

    Many of our students have chosen to study with Upskilled for the following reasons:
    • Student Support Services: You'll have the support from our highly trained Student Support Officers, who will be there for you should you experience any issues related to your course.
    • Specialist trainers: You'll receive quality training in business administration by our specialist trainers, which means you'll be in the good hands of seasoned professionals who have worked in the industry. 
    • Access to interactive content: Studying with Upskilled means that you have access to third-party content, like videos, to use as additional resources when working on your assessments. 
  • Is business administration a good career? 

    Business administration is an exciting field that offers varied career opportunities and progression. As mentioned, the future growth of the industry remains stable and would suit anyone that is highly organised, attentive and a good communicator.

    Looking for a course that can help you build a career in business administration? Have a chat with one of our education consultants to discuss what course options best match your career goals. 



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