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Student Q&A: Simon H.

Business Faculty Student - Leadership and Management

Simon is an Upskilled online student who completed the Leadership and Management course. Here, he shares his study experience, and how it was to learn with Upskilled.

How was studying Leadership and Management online?

It was rewarding to get to the end! I found the online side of it a bit of a challenge, as someone who’s not IT savvy, but then once you actually get the hang of it, I found it fine. Once I logged in, I suppose I had some hesitation, having previously done in-class units, but once I got the knack of logging in and spending the quality time, it became quite straightforward.

Student Q&A: Simon H.

Why did you decided to do leadership and management? Did you need the skills for your current job?  

Yes, it was a requirement from my organisation. My current employer and I were very interested in me getting formal qualifications as I’ve been a coach for many years. I’m a very communicative personable person and I believe I’ve got good skills for management and leadership, and I had a requirement to enter into study from the organisation where I work.   

I looked at a couple of study options and thought, I may as well just knuckle down and get it done, and I did find my course rewarding. 

The rewarding part of study and learning was knowing that I absolutely put my whole effort, energy, experience and knowledge to this point in my life into it. Most of the feedback from my trainer was positive.

Student Q&A: Simon H.

Do you manage people for your current role?

Yes. So I work at Centennial Park Cemetery in Adelaide. I’m a leading hand for grounds and maintenance and I work with a dozen or more staff at any given time. They can directly report to me, more regularly, on a daily basis. I’ve been in the role for almost seven years.

Do you find that any of the skills you learnt in the course were helpful in your day-to-day activity?

Oh, absolutely. I’m fairly strongly opinionated and strong-willed and really passionate about what I believe in. Whatever I do, whether it’s coaching, leading or directing staff, I really like to be involved.

Do you think that studying leadership and management would benefit people who manage others?

I believe absolutely that it can be beneficial. I feel that learning opportunities are ideal and there is nothing better than being provided that sort of opportunity within your current job role, within that organisation. 

What advice would you give to someone who was considering doing the same course as you?

There’s plenty to gain! I think to undertake any study you’ve got to set yourself for it and you’ve got to pick something that is suitable for you; and in my case, it was. 

You’ve got to commit to your study and dedicate yourself to it when doing it. You don’t have to live and breathe it - that’s the beauty of the online study approach. You can spend a number of hours on it and really focus your time, but then you can switch off from it and get back to your day-to-day.

If you’re well-organised, you can put time aside, which will be very beneficial at the units that you complete and will set you up well. Online learning was really beneficial for me, and I believe it will enhance my skills for the next couple of years. 

I’m in a different place in terms of where I want to head, and what I want to do. I’m fairly driven and believe in what I’ve got to offer, so it’s probably a matter of selling myself more than anything else.

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