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Student Q&A: Andrea Walker

Business Faculty Student - Social Media Marketing

The world of social media marketing is an exciting one and for student Andrea Walker, she did not hesitate in choosing to study the social media marketing with Upskilled.

Coming from a mental health/early childhood background, Andrea had the desire of changing careers and exploring more on what the social media landscape had to offer. Already showing a passion for learning and growing her skillset as a marketing professional, she already has great confidence that this course can help her prepare to launch social media marketing campaigns for her business.

In this Q&A, Andrea shares how her course experience is going so far, the noticeable benefits of studying online and what she hopes to achieve once she successfully finishes her qualification in social media marketing. 

What made it appealing for you to study social media marketing?

I am starting a new business and one of the things I wanted to do myself was manage its social media and marketing. I don’t have any knowledge of these things and it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn. I like creating eye-catching posts and growing followers. 

I looked over the modules of the social media marketing course and saw that I would gain the skills needed to market my business and be able to undertake any other future endeavours myself instead of having to outsource. 

I feel I'll gain much needed insights into the fast growing and fast changing social media landscape and online world.  I like the idea of planning my own campaigns and the creative side of content planning and creation kits. I like the idea of being able to understand marketing concepts and the management of social media platforms and being able to help people grow their business from the ground up and watching them expand.  

It’s great that you decided that it was time for a career change into this exciting field. Did you have any initial fears of making the switch to social media marketing from early childhood/mental health?  

Being an older student means that I don’t have the experience of spending my youth on devices or online. I was a bit worried about my lack of understanding and tech skills but Upskilled has made everything so easy to follow and understand. The staff has made everything so friendly and welcoming that I don’t have any worries now.  

Making the switch from childcare and mental health was really big for me; social media marketing is a completely new concept to me and a little overwhelming. These industries are worlds apart but I’m looking forward to the challenge of linking them together.   social media concept

How are you finding the course so far?

This course is amazing. There is so much more to social media marketing than I first thought. I’ve already learnt a lot and it’s been easy to do. Being able to study when I can find the time and around my family’s needs is so helpful. I’m finding that information in the course is already starting to reflect in my everyday world.

The way I use social media has definitely changed. I don’t see social media as just a waste of time anymore. I can now use it to be more visible and promote things of interest. I can’t wait to be able to put this into practice with my business

What do you think are the main benefits of studying online?

The best part of studying online is being able do it when you want to. I can squeeze studying into my day at any point. From early in the morning before the kids wake up to late at night when I can’t sleep or on the weekends while waiting for the kids’ activities to finish. I’m finding it really easy to get into a video or a PowerPoint presentation around my family's busy schedule.  

The convenience is really wonderful. I’m also finding it easy to watch a video while waiting for appointments and it isn’t as hard to find the time as I first thought it would be. I haven’t studied in a long time and I’m now kicking myself for taking so long to try out online learning. Upskilled has made online learning a breeze.

What topics of the course are you looking forward to learning?

I’m really looking forward to the personal branding module. As someone who’s about to launch a new business, I believe it’s going to give it an edge. I like the idea of getting creative and learning about the uses of colours and how they might affect your brand or business.

Learning about how to piece together all the elements needed to create a brand that is known all over the world and to last for years to come. There is so much more to branding than creating a logo in fun colours. It’s the behind-the-scenes of branding that I’m really looking forward to. social media concept

What goals do you have in mind once you complete this course? 

I’ll be using everything I’ve learnt to get my new business out into the world and increasing my chances of success by marketing it properly on social media.  I’ll have the skills to run campaigns that I know will be successful and to create new projects and marketing opportunities for my business with confidence.  

I’ll be able to save myself from having to outsource these things to another person and the headaches of trying to communicate what I really want to do with my business. I’ll be able to drive all the creative choices myself and know that I have all the skills I need to push myself into the large online marketplace.

Any advice you’d like to share for future students thinking about changing careers?

I’d absolutely recommend looking into Upskilled and their courses. From the first email, the whole experience has been effortless and the staff is so friendly and helpful. I believe that learning about social media marketing is a skill for everyone in today’s world

The confidence you’ll gain from being online is reason enough. There’s so much more to social media marketing than you’d first think and the insights are incredible. Being able to run your own campaigns and marketing projects is a wonderful skill to have.

Boost your skills in the exciting world of social media marketing

If you're keen to learn more about social media marketing and have the desire to boost your knowledge and skills in the field, explore the benefits of either studying a qualification in social media marketing or Social Media Short course.

One of the benefits of undertaking the qualification of social media marketing is that it will be nationally-recognised in Australia, ensuring that your skills and knowledge are up to scratch for the industry when applying for roles in social media marketing. Otherwise, the short course can be a great taster when it comes to learning the key fundamentals of the field.

Get in touch with Upskilled and enquire about how a social media marketing course can help boost your credentials as a professional. 

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