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Student Q&A: Jason Edwards

Business Faculty Student - Project Management and Leadership and Management

Jason Edwards is currently studying the training package in project management and leadership and management with Upskilled.

Since beginning his journey of online study, he has quickly adapted some of the key learnings from the packaged course to his current role as Senior HVAC Technician/Electrician at MTAC Services. He also anticipates that after completing his studies with Upskilled, it can help him pursue senior positions within the industry.

In this Q&A, Jason shares some of the benefits he's already experienced from online studying and the future goals he hopes to achieve once he successfully completes his studies in project management and leadership.

What motivated you to study Project Management and Leadership and Management with Upskilled?

As I have completed my refrigeration apprenticeship and am partway through my electrical apprenticeship, I feel if I was able to operate at a level that involved combining my skills and experience together, I’d be able to contribute more effectively to the company and industry. 

I also feel as though I’d achieve more substantial career goals and outcomes. Completing the training package in project management and leadership and management with Upskilled would equip me with the necessary skills needed to coordinate substantial air-conditioning/electrical installation projects. This packaged course also provides me with a gateway to achieving more advanced qualifications leading to promotions and more senior roles in the industry

You currently work as a Senior HVAC Technician/Electrician at MTAC Services. Could you tell us more about your role and how this packaged course is related to it?

I currently work in a middle management role at MTAC Services, where I’m the ‘leading hand’ of our light commercial air conditioning installation team. When on-site, I’ve been able to use the theory learnt from the course and have attempted to implement it on a practical level.  

For example, I’ve applied my learnings in dealing with our internal/external customers, as well as our stakeholders of projects. Prior to commencing the packaged course, I had basic customer skills and limited knowledge of these topics but I’ve now demonstrated a much greater understanding of my work.  

This has helped me to better assist our senior management by monitoring and evaluating the performance of our apprentices and tradesmen on-site. Also, I’m now able to present more innovative and persuasive views to senior management in our meetings. I believe this packaged course will help improve my leadership and communication skills, as well as develop and achieve my future goals. electrician concept

What do you think are the benefits of studying online?

Studying online enables me to develop my skills in a way that minimises the impact of carrying out my normal duties at work. It provides a convenient way of learning since I’m able to plan in conjunction with my other priorities - it also effectively minimises the need for travel and subsequently gives me more time to study. 

Since I can choose the location of where I learn, I’m not limited to a range of course topics, which may not be locally available. I expect that the costs of studying online are lower, which is beneficial to me and the company. Finally, studying online encourages me to be more self-reliant and disciplined. I personally think that developing these attributes will be useful in any event. 

How are you balancing work with your studies?

At this stage, I find it relatively easy to balance my studies with work - at most times. As my study requirements ramp up, the pressure of time management and setting priorities will no doubt increase. However, as I have some control over my work and study outcomes, I expect this can help me manage this over time.

The flexibility I have from online learning helps because I can undertake my studies quickly and in any location. The company is also supportive of my studies and has allowed me to work flexibly to accommodate the changing study requirements.  

In the current environment (Coronavirus), I have the option to work from home in order to carry out administrative activities where I’m not required on-site. This enables me to balance work and study in a relatively pressure-free environment. project management concept

What qualities do you have that can help you succeed in project management and leadership studies?

I currently operate in a middle management role where I supervise and am responsible for the development of several apprentices, as well as communicate and coordinate with senior management in the company. I believe I perform reasonably well in these functions and effective project management and leadership rely heavily on my ability to manage in the organisation. I also feel that I’m a clear and logical thinker.  

I believe that such attributes will assist in my studies and enable me to view the concepts and tools presented in a practical way that relate to my workplace and role

What goals do you hope to achieve after completing your studies with Upskilled? 

My goal is to operate effectively in more senior management roles within the air conditioning and electrical industry. Upon completion of my studies, I believe that I’ll be able to offer the company and industry a range of skills and experience that are applicable in a hands-on and supervisory/management environment.  

I consider that having comprehensive skills and experience will improve my prospects of managing substantial installations effectively and be able to relate those needs and capabilities for hands-on project resources. I also hope that gaining experience at this level will further emphasise myself as an asset in the industry and company

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