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Student Q&A: Josh Clover

IT Faculty Student - Information Technology Support

Please note: Upskilled no longer offers the course in Information Technology Support but the equivalent qualification, ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support) is now available for study. To express your interest, contact our team on 1300 009 924. 

Josh Clover is currently studying the Information Technology Support with Upskilled. Having no luck in finding a job in the field of IT, he stumbled upon Upskilled during his job search and decided to put forward a course enquiry to study the qualification.

Despite his initial concerns on course affordability and relevance, Josh found that the qualification aligned with his desired career prospects. In this Q&A, he shares more about when his interest in IT started, the benefits he is already reaping from the course and how an Upskilled education consultant inspired him to take the life-changing opportunity of further study. 

Why did you decide to study Information Technology Support with Upskilled?

I was on a job hunt for IT related careers and was feeling disappointed that there were no entry-level traineeships in the field. At the bottom page of on an IT job advertisement I had no qualifications for, I found Upskilled. On a curious whim, I put in an enquiry for the course.

Later that day, I received a call from one of Upskilled’s education consultants, Shanta Kumari. She asked me a range of questions to see if this course was right for me. When I found out more information about the course, she proved to me how accessible it was to undertake the qualification and why it was well-suited for me. I enrolled knowing that there would be a prospect of getting my dream job at the end of the course.

You’ve just started your course. How are you finding your experience with online learning?

I haven’t been able to compare my learning experience with Upskilled to any other education I’ve received. I’ve always loved learning, but in previous schools the method of teaching had a one-size-fits-all approach.

At Upskilled, I’m able to tailor my experience to my learning needs, and if I ever don’t understand something, I have course guides available that can help me. 

In my particular course, I’m offered a variety of videos, with simple small quizzes every so often to retain what I’ve learnt. The video and course interface is easy to use, and I’m able to add subtitles, adjust the pace of the video, and much more, which aids in my learning. technical officer help desk woman

You mention that your interest in IT started when you were in high school. Do you know where the inspiration came from to pursue a career in the field?

My love for IT sprouted when I received old computers from my primary school, which were then replaced with newer computers. For years, I dedicated a lot of time learning how they worked, along with a growing interest for console and arcade games. 

I spent a lot of time reading computer manuals cover-to-cover, playing around with settings, and once the computers reached the end of their lifespan, I pulled them apart and began teaching myself the different components.

In recent years, my love for old technology remains as strong as ever. I went on to work at an arcade and often helped the technician with fixing machines and he would teach me things along the way. Since I’ve started this course, I’ve found tech has made a lot of advancements since Windows 95 and XP were popular. I’m excited to learn how it works all over again, while carrying my own knowledge from previous experiences.

What do you think are the main benefits of studying this course?

By taking this course, I have not only strengthened my love for technology, but I have many more useful skills that I can apply both in the workplace and in everyday life. I’ve always enjoyed helping people fix things, and this course helps me translate my love for both helping people and technology into a career I’ll enjoy.

How did Upskilled’s education consultants help you with your course enquiry?

When consulting about this course, I had enquired about a related field in IT. When I was talking to Shanta, she asked me all the relevant questions to make sure I chose the right course to translate into the right career. This was also to make sure I didn’t realise later down the track that I should have spent my time studying something else. 

If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve unknowingly dismissed a life-changing opportunity under the guise that it was too expensive, or that I wouldn’t make it. Her encouragement lead me to understand that with all my prior knowledge, and my drive and passion for such a career, that I’d be able to finish this course with flying colours. technical support specialists smiling for photo

What do you hope to accomplish when you finish this course?

When I finish this course, I hope to jump right into the workforce and make a difference in the world of IT, while teaching people what I’ve learnt along the way. 

Do you have any short-term and long-term goals for the future? 

I hope to use my learning in my personal life to create my own machines and arcade cabinets. After this course concludes, I hope I can continue self-teaching and grow with our evolving technology.

Interested in supporting clients with their IT issues?

If you're like Josh and have a passion for IT and a desire to help people, consider studying the Information Technology Support.

For further information on the course and how it can help you with your career in IT support, contact one of the Upskilled's education consultants on 1300 009 924 to learn more today. 

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