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Student Q&A: Lauren Wallis

Business Faculty Student - Leadership and Management

Lauren Wallis studied the certificate-level qualification in Leadership and Management as suggested by her boss when given the opportunity to work as a team leader. While having existing leadership skills, the qualification gave her a greater depth of knowledge when it came to making executive business decisions and the restructuring of responsibilities across staff members.

In this Q&A, Lauren shares more about her course experience with Upskilled, what other additional skills she gained from the course and the long and short-term goals she has set for herself.

Could you tell us more on why you chose to study Leadership and Management?

I was recently lucky enough to take up the opportunity as team leader and I have had no qualifications for the role. I’ve had great mentors along the way and was doing my job well but my boss advised me that I needed to understand what really makes a good leader, how I can implement change and make a difference to my department

I have always enjoyed aiding people in their career paths and giving advice in areas that I have already excelled in. The course actually highlighted a lot of things I was already doing, and it was paving my way to be a good and honest leader.

Tell us more about your current role. Has this course provided value to your job?

It has given me all the tools I need to make positive change and I now have set goals in mind to really make a difference and show people that I can do this job well. It has also given me the confidence in guiding my team, making decisions and accommodating the needs of my coordinator.   leadership concept

What skills have you gained or improved on since completing the course?

I have expanded my directional skills in leading my team. I have restructured their duties to reduce bottlenecks, even out workloads and improve service performance.

I now have a deeper knowledge of the decisions and approaches my managers make above me. I also have an understanding of why the business must be in constant motion and how positive changes are being regularly implemented. It all leads towards growth for staff and the industry.

Why is having leadership skills important? 

People need someone to look up to; the need for guidance and stability. They need someone who knows the job and how to motivate them when it gets tough. We are a team and we all share our ideas but ultimately someone must lead the direction and do what is best for the business, ensuring the workers are happy and their voices are heard. team working together

What aspects of the course have you enjoyed and why?

I loved the easy access to support. My trainer Gideon was especially patient with me throughout the whole course and the student support team were fantastic! The program has been very enjoyable and I will be looking into another course shortly. 

I also loved the video material because it helped me immensely as I don’t take reading too well. I was able to absorb the majority of what I learnt and have kept extensive notes to refer back to as I continue in my role.

Any short-term or long-term goals you want to achieve? 

I am beginning to implement change within my team to produce higher quality work and boost satisfaction for our customers. I will be looking to do another course shortly down the line. I haven’t decided what just yet but I will have a think. I’m also improving on health and fitness within our department to improve mental health and productivity.

Are you a leader needing to boost your credentials?

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