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Student Q&A: Wasim Arja

Business Faculty Student - Leadership and Management

No goal is too big when you're a hardworking individual and Wasim Arja is an example student who rose to the top when it came to his learning experience with Upskilled.

Completing his leadership and management qualification, he was able to apply the theoretical concepts from his assessments to real-work scenarios. Having spent many years at StarTrack, Wasim was ready to spread his wings, which eventually landed him a cool gig as Team Leader at Sydney Trains. 

In this Q&A, Wasim shares his reasons behind studying leadership and management, the key skills and knowledge he developed and the benefits he experienced from learning online. 

What was your main motivation in studying leadership and management?

Initially, due to growing family commitments, the urge was to change to a better paying job. Although, at the time, I was working for StarTrack for over 10 years where I was comfortable and enjoyed working there. I was looking for ways to become skillful, which resulted in working in many different operational departments within StarTrack. 

Being familiar with different aspects of the business operationally, I thought of getting into leadership roles, which was the next logical step for me. Knowing nothing about leadership and management, I decided that I needed to increase my knowledge in the area, but I was hesitant to get back into study. 

After thorough research and speaking to many different training organisations, Upskilled stuck out to me because I was ensured the support, encouragement and the ability to study at my own pace.

After completing this course, you managed to secure a Team Leader role at Sydney Trains. Do you feel that your studies in leadership and management helped you secure this role?

Actually, while studying this course I was singled out by my manager at StarTrack for a Team Leader role and was AM Logistics Team Leader there for almost a year. This is where I learnt so much because I integrated my assignments into my own workplace setting and even surveyed my team with a checklist questionnaire I had formulated as part of a project for the Developing a workplace learning environment unit. 

After much thought, growth and confidence I acquired through studying leadership and management, I decided that I needed to develop further outside my current organisation and applied for Sydney Trains. Undeniably, what helped secure this role was the use of techniques and knowledge gained from my studies in leadership and management. 

As part of the interview process for this role, we were asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation detailing how we can contribute to a positive environment and great teamwork. Having previously completed the units Lead and manage team effectiveness and Develop and use Emotional Intelligence, the interview panel consisting of senior managers for Sydney Trains, was absolutely blown away and I was subsequently offered the team leader role.
leadership and management concept

What are the benefits of studying online?

For the most part, it was the flexibility of being able to study anywhere and at my own pace. I would do my readings on my commute to work or on my breaks. The ability to squeeze study sessions in, after the kids go to sleep at night, on days off and even while on holidays, etc. The ability to get on with the daily buzz of life and implementing little spurts of study in the gaps that life throws at you is by far the biggest benefit of all.

How did Upskilled support you throughout your studies and why did you choose us as a course provider?

The only downside to online study is getting motivated, as there is no one saying to you, ‘hey! you got studies to do’ and that’s where Upskilled excels. I had trainers regularly check in on progress via email or a phone call and this really helps with staying on track and keeping motivated. 

I chose Upskilled over others purely because I felt supported by the initial phone conversation with the education consultant. They wanted to know what my motivation was to study, what previous studies I had done and what my current work/life situation was. 

In hindsight, I now know that the education consultant wanted to set me up for success and see what the best starting point was for me. I was advised to start with the certificate-level qualification in Leadership and Management as it was best suited to my life/work balance. 

By the time I breezed through the first unit, my trainer at the time advised me to go to the diploma-level qualification, which was ideal for my pace and learning capability. So overall, there is an extremely helpful culture with the student’s success at the heart of what Upskilled is all about. leadership concept

What skills and knowledge have you developed from the leadership and management course?

I was never any good at structuring and planning in my life. I kind of just stumbled into different jobs and courses, tried different things and usually gave up after some time due to boredom or lack of interest. To my surprise, when starting this course, it was as if this course was designed and tailor-made for me,

With units like Managing Personal Productivity and Managing Personal Work Priorities, it was a godsend and exactly what I needed. Even though I still needed some refinement, I am a thousand times better at organising, prioritising, planning and setting SMART goals, etc. 

This gave me the boost in confidence that I needed and the tools to do it with. Even in the workplace, developing and using emotional intelligence, getting to know what my values are and learning what my actual leadership style is and the different styles available in the arsenal, are a few of the many things I have learnt and further developing in my professional life.

Who would benefit studying a leadership and management course? Why should they consider it? 

I consider this course an absolute must-have or must-do for anybody seeking, not only leadership roles but just leading and managing your own life as well.

When we really deep dive into our daily life, we can see how different aspects of life are integrated with leadership and/or management perspectives especially family life which include finances, planning, projects, etc. Studying leadership and management is a valuable life toolbox, as well as a professional one.

I am extremely grateful to Upskilled and their trainers for the support throughout this time in my life. I have been equipped with such valuable and practical knowledge not only for the workforce, but also passing this knowledge and guidance on to my children who are now in high school and they are much better than me at setting SMART goals, prioritising and planning.

One of the absolute best decisions I have ever made in my life was taking part in the diploma-level leadership and management course.

Thank you, Upskilled!

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