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Student Q&A: Youri Wystyrk

Business Faculty Student - Event Management

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Youri Wystyrk is an online student from Redlands Coast in Queensland
who recently completed the SIT50316 - Diploma of Event Management. Here he shares his story with Upskilled.

What made you want to study event management?

I have been involved in the entertainment industry for quite a number of years, and travelled extensively to different countries within this industry but I really wanted to expand my knowledge about the event management aspect of the entertainment industry and beyond.

I found myself drawn more to the organisational aspect of the entertainment industry, and this of course included event management, in which I found my strengths lay. (Potential students can read more about the events industry, including salary information and job prospects in Upskilled’s Events Industry Insight.)

How did you find the online format of study?

I particularly enjoyed the freedom of online study, because as I was studying, I was also on the road travelling a lot. It was so easy to log in from anywhere in the world and pick up my study whenever I wanted to. If I had a free hour or two, I would jump online and continue right where I left off.

Did you have much contact with your trainer Gideon Roos?

Gideon Roos was appointed to me as my trainer and it was so easy to send him a message online via the MyUpskilled Student Portal. Within hours I would have a response, and I found his input to be extremely helpful and he always made me feel I was on the right track.

What was the best thing about the course?

Because I was working a lot and travelling a lot, the best thing for me was the fact that the course was online and I did not have to attend classes or exams in person. I needed a course that would be able to be available to me when I had the time for it, wherever I was in the world, rather than set times and set exam dates in a set location.

What did you find difficult or challenging?

The thing that challenged me the most about the study, was finding the perfect balance between study, work and personal home life. As I was studying I was working full time and also my wife was expecting our first baby. I found that once I dove into study time, I would want to continue till that “Case Study” was complete.

I was really enjoying being busy with studying, but also had to maintain a balance in my “normal life”. When our baby was born, obviously my “most important” job was being a dad. I made sure I planned my study out so that I was well ahead of schedule, so that when the baby was born, I could pace myself until the end. Gideon was so supportive to me during the whole study and encouraged me the whole way.

Tell me about the job you managed to secure after completing your course – what is it and how did this come about?

During the course I was working part time at Suncorp Stadium in security, but I was also touring internationally as a tour manager for concert tours. The role of tour manager really lends itself to event management and I really enjoyed learning new things and being able to apply them on the road. But my ultimate aim was to work in events as part of a team, particularly in the entertainment and sporting events branch.

Towards the end of my study a job opportunity arose at Suncorp Stadium for “Event Coordinator”. It all seemed to be too good to be true, since this was actually what I was aiming for! I of course applied for the job, letting Suncorp Stadium know that my study in “Event Management” was almost complete.

I was very happy when I found out I had secured the job. Suncorp Stadium were extremely supportive towards my personal case of needing to finish my study (it was only a couple of weeks away).

How is your new job role in events going?

I feel I have found myself in the perfect setting for me. I love concerts and sporting events, and so far I have been able to work on events such as Phil Collins, Bon Jovi, Brisbane Roar and the FFA. The Brisbane Broncos and the Queensland Reds season is about to start which I am really looking forward to. The team that I work with are all supportive, fun and professional, sometimes it doesn’t feel like “work” at all.

Student Q&A: Youri Wystyrk Diploma of Event Management

What have you learned since starting work in the industry? Have your perceptions changed?

It’s a fast paced industry, with changes happening on the go and problem solving happening in the moment. It’s an exciting industry to be part of, and no day is ever dull. So much goes into an event, especially in the grand scale that events are presented at Suncorp Stadium.

The lead up to the event can be long hours, lots of thinking, problem solving, meetings, planning, etc. But when the event is finally happening in front of your eyes, it is all worth it and I always get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I was part of the team that helped to put it all together, making thousands of people happy.

What are your longer term goals and dreams?

I feel really at home in the events industry and am so glad I decided to slightly change direction to event management, with the help of Upskilled. I truly believe I have finally found where I want to be in my career and I would love to stay in this industry for as long as I can.

Name three personality traits of a good event manager.

  1. Quick problem solving skills
  2. Being flexible
  3. Good time management skills

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a student who was thinking of doing this course?

One of the things that is important as an event manager is time management skills. Make sure you put this to use with your study and manage your time wisely. Pace yourself, but also, don’t get behind on tasks that are due. Sometimes it can help to read between the lines and be creative and inventive, and come up with answers that are a little out of the box.

What are your hobbies, interests or family like?

I have always been interested in sports and travelling. One of my biggest hobbies is soccer. Whenever I have the chance I try to go and watch a game. I am married and my wife is the reason I became interested in the music and entertainment industry. We have a daughter, she was born during my study, and she is the light of my life. I can’t wait to take her to an event at Suncorp Stadium one day.

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