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  • Will I get Industry Recognition?

Gaining industry recognition is important in any career move, as without it you may not get your application past the first stage of selection. To ensure your employability upon completing your course, Upskilled’s courses take a three-pronged approach to industry recognition:

Industry Involvement

Employers value VET courses because industry groups make significant contribution to priority setting and training policy. In addition to this, all Upskilled’s courses have been created in consultation with the relevant industry. One great example of this would be our range of social media courses, which are run in conjunction with Social Media College, who consult with named global industry experts, for example:
  • Trevor Young – Content Marketing Specialist – Australia
  • Eric T Tung – Social Media Coach – United States
  • Deborah Lee – Enterprise Level Consultant – United Kingdom

AQF Accreditation

The AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) regulates Australian education and training qualifications. AQF accredited courses are recognised by employers across Australia and are accepted as equivalent qualifications in some other countries. Just about all of Upskilled’s courses are accredited by the AQF, which means employers can be easily satisfied that applicant’s qualifications meet industry standards. Good news for them, and good news for you!

Vendor Mapping

Another way that Upskilled ensures industry recognition is by adding an element of vendor mapping to suitable courses such as Information Technology. Here’s how vendor mapping works:
  • Each qualification is made up of three different types of courses
  • Vendor Courses – industry, company and tool specific
  • Vendor Neutral Courses – industry specific but not limited to individual companies or tools
  • Upskilled Courses or Workshops – relevant skills that are transferable to another industry
  • Completion of the qualification requires competency in all three types of course
  • Completion of the qualification gives the necessary skills and knowledge to take industry standard exams (at a further cost)
Each type of course within a qualification gives a different kind of benefit. Upskilled courses deliver skills that are transferable across industries, vendor neutral courses deliver skills that are transferable within a given industry and vendor specific courses (once external exams have been passed) deliver the type of explicit certification requirements that you might see on a job advert. See the video below for more information. 

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