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How do I start a career in marketing? 

So, you've thought about marketing as a career but want to know how to secure a role in the industry? The best place to start is to consider studying a relevant qualification and that's where Upskilled comes in.

If you're looking for a flexible way of learning that can give you the opportunity to balance your ongoing work and personal commitments, Upskilled offers courses in marketing that can equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the industry.

We offer courses in both social media marketing and marketing and communications, which can prepare you for many different career outcomes. 
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  • What is it like to work in marketing?

    Marketing is a popular field - fast-moving and always changing. With the reliance of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), people in the industry have to keep a digital pulse and be adaptable to the changes when reaching new audiences in the promotion and advertising space. 

    If you identify as someone highly creative with analytical skills, marketing has plenty of opportunities in areas to suit your skillset, knowledge and interests. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to social media marketing, this is a dynamic industry that offers opportunities for those that are naturally curious and not afraid of a challenge.

    There are plenty of areas you can explore in marketing, including:
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Public Relations
    Marketing is a very versatile career pathway so you can generally work in any industry as most organisations and businesses require marketing to build awareness of their brand and products/services they offer. 
  • What career outcomes can you achieve in marketing?

    Depending on where your passion and interests lies, marketing has numerous paths you can follow. If you're the more analytical type and very data-driven, you may have a strong interest around SEO or Digital Marketing. If you find that you're more creative, you can explore areas of social media, content marketing and video marketing. 

    Whatever you decide, a role in marketing is not for those used to routine-based work - changes happen all the time in this industry so in order to find career success, you'll need to be highly adaptable to the marketing trends that can change anytime.

    If you're interested in a marketing career, here are some potential job titles you may want to explore:

    • Digital marketing strategist

    • Social media specialist

    • Social media manager

    • Market research analyst

    • Marketing officer

    • Public relations officer

  • What are the employment prospects in marketing?

    One of the benefits of working in the marketing industry is seeing the results of your work. Whether you've run an entire marketing campaign or implemented a social media strategy, this is an industry where you can experiment and be creative in how you attain customers and brand awareness.

    If you need further convincing, we provide you with some interesting facts and figures that may help you decide if this is the type of industry you can see yourself work in for the long-term:

    • Advertising and Marketing professionals can undertake a Vocational Education and Training (VET) but generally hold a bachelor degree in advertising, marketing or communications.
    • Employment prospects are projected to be very strong in the marketing industry.
    • The average weekly pay for Advertising and Marketing professionals is $1,737. 
  • Why should you work in marketing?

    • One of the fastest-growing industries: With the rise of social media channels like TikTok and a strong demand for video content to broaden audience reach, there is a need for talented marketers that are highly strategic and have a broad range of digital skills. 
    • A field that requires your creative input: Creativity is a core focus in marketing. From brainstorming campaign ideas to executing social media strategies, being creative is a must - particularly if you want to broaden your reach to a wider audience when promoting or advertising a service or product. 
    • Plenty of room to grow: Marketing is a field great for people who get bored easily and want the flexibility to move around. With the right qualifications, you can work in a specialist role where you have a core focus or be in a generalist position that allows you to dabble into all areas of marketing. Whatever you decide, career progression in marketing is possible as you get more experienced.
    • A social and collaborative field: Marketers generally work with external agencies and stakeholders when it comes to various projects, so if you're someone that enjoys working with different people, you'll have the opportunity to network with other professionals. This can open up potential partnerships and expand your career options.​
  • Is marketing the right career path for you?

    If you're someone that doesn't shy away from a challenge, always willing to try new things and open to exploring innovative ideas, then a marketing career may be something worth pursuing. As mentioned before, there are a range of areas of marketing you can explore and room for movement if you ever feel bored.

    You may have the following traits and qualities that can help you build a successful career in marketing:

    • Agile and Responsive
    • Patience
    • Creative
    • Collaborative
    • Enthusiastic
    • Motivated
  • Why should you study marketing?

    Studying a qualification in marketing can teach you the skills needed to carry out your responsibilities with confidence. Upskilled delivers courses in marketing online, helping you manage your studies while you tend to your work and personal commitments. We have diploma and certificate-level qualifications, as well as short courses available.

    There are many benefits that come with studying a marketing course with Upskilled and these include:
    • Student Support Services: We have our Student Support team available, ready to answer your questions if you run through any issues during your course.
    • Specialist trainers: Our trainers in marketing are highly skilled and can provide you with the training needed to find career success in the field. They may run webinar sessions and other interactive learning activities to supplement your learning. 
    • Access to interactive content: We've partnered up with Social Media College to offer their exclusive social media courses to our potential students. By studying a diploma or short course, all the course content you do include templates you can use for real-life campaigns. You also have the ability to build your own social media assets, which can go towards a portfolio you can use when looking for a job.
  • Is it hard to study marketing? 

    Marketing is a field that offers many interesting challenges, so if you're naturally strategic, creative and outgoing, you may find that studying a marketing course seems straightforward and easy - particularly if you already have existing professional experience. 

    With our Student Support Services and specialist trainers, you'll find that studying a marketing course with Upskilled can be an enjoyable experience with the right attitude and motivation to reach your desired career outcome.

    As a starting point, it's recommended to start off with a certificate or short course if you have limited experience in marketing. 



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