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How to land a role as a Data Engineer without a degree

By Ashleigh Ho

So, you want a technical career, but don’t want to commit to a full degree. Did you know that you can be a data engineer without formal education? It’s a great opportunity for those looking to for a change in careers. 

Jump into the workforce earlier and score a career in your desired industry by following these tips.  

What skills are needed to be a data engineer?

If you think yourself to be a practical person, a career in data engineering may be for you. To succeed as a data engineer, it’s important to have the following skills:

  1. Coding: This is a really important skill to have in data engineering. It’ll help give you the practical skills needed to success in the industry. To be a data engineer, you will need to be familiar with coding languages such as Java, Python, Golang and more. 
  2. Understanding of computer systems: To work in data engineering, you will need to have a sound knowledge of computers and different computer systems. This means being familiar with operating systems such as Windows and macOS.
  3. Critical thinking: Data engineers need to be able to think independently. Bring able to think creatively can help solve problems effectively and in ways that other people may not think about.
  4. Communication skills: To work in data engineering, you need to work with a lot of different people. It’s important that you are able to explain your ideas in a succinct and easy to understand manner when speaking to people with less technical knowledge.

You can improve and these skills by enrolling yourself into a short course. Did you know that at Upskilled, we offer courses that can help propel you into a career of data engineering? Check out the course today.

What are the benefits of working as a data engineer?

There are many benefits of working in data engineering. From an attractive salary to constant growth, it’s a great industry to be in if you are detail oriented and enjoy a practical career. Here are some benefits of being a data engineer:
  1. A rewarding career with a great salary: Data engineers are highly valued in the workplace as they help with an organisation’s growth. According to Payscale, data engineers in Australia can earn a median wage of around $100k per year.
  2. In-demand job: Many companies need data engineers to help them optimise their data. In a world where many things have shifted online, a data engineer is one of the greatest assets a company can have.
  3. Continuously growing: As technology continues to change, the tasks within your role will always grow and change. This means that you will take on more tasks for a company - you could eventually end up leading a team and entering a leadership role.   
  4. Transferable skills: As you will become skilled in coding and computer technologies, there is always potential to make a career change into something different like website design or IT.
  5. Constant learning: If you love to keep your brain filled with new information, this is a job for you. As a data engineer, you will always be learning new things such as new coding programs, computer programs and more.

How to become a data engineer without a degree?

You can become a data engineer without spending years working on a degree at university. This is super useful if you’ve always been to university before and are looking for a fast way to gain new skills and switch careers. Follow these steps to help you delve into a career of data engineering:

  1. Research what the job entails: It’s important to understand what a data engineer does. You can do some research online, speak to a careers advisor or see if you know anybody who is already working in the industry. 
  2. Study: It’s recommended that you enroll yourself into a short course to get familiar with the ins and outs of data engineering. At Upskilled, we offer Bootcamp Programs and short courses in data science as well as Python coding. We can help you get their fundamental knowledge needed to launch your career. 
  3. Find internships: Completing an internship while studying can help you gain real world experience. It’ll also help you make connections in the industry which can boost the potential of finding work faster.
  4. Apply for jobs: As the industry continues to grow, more entry-level jobs have become available. You can find jobs by searching online or talking to a career advisor. Internships can also help develop into full time careers – so be sure to chat with your manager before you’re about to wrap an internship. 

You don’t need to spend ages on a degree to become a data engineer. By completing short courses and gaining relevant work experience, you can launch yourself into a career in the industry. Start your journey today and accelerate your career by doing a Data Science Bootcamp Program at Upskilled.


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