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Top 7 benefits of employee training and development

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Your employees make or break your overall business performance, so it’s important to invest in the right tools and training to help them put their best foot forward. Offering professional development opportunities not only benefits your company in the long-term, but it also empowers your workers – assuring them that their skills are valued, impactful, and are worth building upon.

With our industry landscapes constantly evolving, and at a rapid pace, employee training and development has never been more crucial.

Below, we explore the various kinds of training any modern-day employee needs, the benefits of providing these programs, and how to improve on these opportunities as you go.

What kind of training should be given to employees?

There are various types of employment training available, each suited to different aspects of your business and workplace culture. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Orientation and onboarding: This type of training encompasses everything employees need to know to get started in your company. From tools, software, and support resources to departmental goals, it equips workers with the knowledge they need to excel in their role.
  • Sales, products, and services: This type of training addresses the kinds of products and services your company sells, familiarising workers with the features and selling points of each.
  • Safety: For businesses handling toxic materials or set in hazardous environments, safety training is a must. Employees are equipped with the appropriate practices and procedures to ensure their safety and protection from work-related injuries.
  • Soft skills: Soft skill training programs can vary depending on the organisation, though typically touch upon areas of leadership; anti-bias and diversity; teamwork; and conflict-resolution. This type of training ensures a collaborative, communicative, and productive workplace.

Why do your employees need training?

It improves workplace performance

The most prominent benefit to employee training and development is its ability to critically boost workplace performance, strengthening both the productivity and innovative drive of workers.

In fact, companies that offer training courses are reported to having a 37% higher productivity rate, allowing operations to run more efficiently. This, in turn, minimises downtime while maximising profits. With workers fully equipped to understand the ins, outs, and expectations of their role, they can perform their jobs with the utmost skill and confidence.

Additionally, further training keeps your workers keep on top of changing industry standards, maintaining your place as a competitive industry leader.

It boosts worker morale

On top of improved performance, workers also get a significant boost in morale.

Investing in your people's professional development can make their presence and contributions feel valued, raising motivation levels in the workplace. The more driven and empowered your workers feel, the more likely they’ll put forth their best efforts – both for their benefit and that of the business. This also leads to greater job satisfaction, helping increase employee retention.

Research by PwC also shows that “career development” ranks the fifth highest among the needs of general workers, stressing the importance of investing in their future skills.

Build upon both their strengths and weaknesses

With the right training programs, you employees can effectively enhance their current skillsets, as well as fill in any knowledge gaps they may be struggling with.

This not only allows them to perform their best in their current role, but also equips them with the skills to advance to higher-level positions or responsibilities, if possible. For example, providing your workers with leadership training can encourage those seeking to take on more managerial tasks or projects. On the flipside, those struggling with in a new role or department can undergo the appropriate training programs to build both the skills and experience they need.

It enhances your company reputation

With employee training prioritised by new hires, having a strong, substantial training program can help bolster your company profile on the job market.

Employees would feel more confident applying for your business knowing their skills will be developed on and valued during their stay. This is especially critical for graduates or those seeking a career change; workers who typically seek all the help and experience they can get to improve their industry expertise.

You’ll boost business profits

With greater employee performance, you’re bound to see a significant increase in company sales. Trained employees will have optimised their skillsets, helping them meet client or customer needs in the most effective and efficient ways possible. This also maintains smooth business operations, ensuring downtime and disruptions are kept at a minimum.

As a result, you keep profits high (and may even grow them in the long-term), while suppressing any unnecessary company costs.

With employee training often leading to greater worker retention, such opportunities additionally minimise the costs associated with workers leaving and re-hiring procedures.

Help future proof your workers’ skills

The world is now a digital one, made even more so with our rapidly evolving IT landscape.

By providing employees with the opportunity to train in emerging tech skills, you’ll effectively secure both the future of your business and that of your workers. Keeping them updated on the latest digital trends can help you maintain your competitive edge in the industry, helping you meet the newest technological needs of the market. You’ll also help them optimise the latest tools and software that enable efficient remote work and flexible, work-from-home arrangements.

The right training can additionally arm your employees with the skills to explore and reach new markets – such as through the use of new social media platforms, marketing tools, and data management software.

It helps set clear workplace expectations

Lastly, a strong training and development program paints a clear picture of your company’s performance standards – helping employees know exactly what’s expected of them. It reinforces a goal and growth-focused mindset, encouraging workers to be their best professional selves in the workplace.

On top of this, it also helps yield clearer, measurable results and milestones in your worker’s job performance; which may prove useful when testing new performance management systems or initiatives.

How can employee development be improved?

Employee development measures can generally be improved with the close involvement of managers, as these professionals know their workers best. Thus, it’s often recommended they listen to the needs of their team, helping design and implement training initiatives that match these concerns or skills gaps.

Regularly checking in on their workers for feedback on training programs is also crucial, helping them pinpoint areas for improvement or measures that may be lacking. This can also help them adjust, re-design or even eliminate programs that may not be yielding results as expected.

Providing flexible online options for remote study or training can help employees stay up to date with their skills and also accommodate their busy schedules.

Upskilled is a leading provider of such training, offering a wide variety of online courses in Australia’s most in-demand fields – from roles in community services to specialties in IT. Catering to various skill levels, employees can hone the skills they need for their expertise, or explore new ones altogether.

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