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5 reasons why you should consider a career in mental health

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Mental health: a critical subject comprising vital issues, concerns, and implications for the wellbeing of today’s citizens, yet one historically under-discussed. Now more than ever, we’re realising that physical fitness can only get us so far – a sound, healthy mind and emotional wellness is just as crucial. 

The facts and figures surrounding Australia's mental health are pressing, with one in five (aged 16-85) experiencing a mental illness in any given year. Skills in the field of mental health support have thus never been more valuable, with experts now pushing for greater access to appropriate treatments and services. 

Thankfully, training resources have grown aplenty in recent years for aspiring professionals in the mental health field. Individuals now have the choice of online courses – a convenient and flexible study option that offers a comprehensive dive into the industry. We explore the benefits of such programs below, and the various reasons to pursue a mental health career.

What are mental health courses? 

mental health support

Mental health courses explore both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to find employment in the industry. Most courses – such as Upskilled’s CHC43315 – Certificate IV in Mental Health – result in a nationally-recognised qualification, validating one’s skills and helping them stand out in the job market. 

Depending on the course you take, you may explore areas of relevant mental health services, effective client communication, treatment methods, and the ethical and legal implications of such workplaces. Upskilled’s program, for example, covers all such topics – helping them build the skills to foster healthy client relationships; manage crisis situations; work in trauma informed care; and collaborate with potential services for a client, among others. 

How long does it take to complete a course? 

Course length will depend on the specific program you undertake, though Upskilled’s certificate course takes up to 18 months to complete and comprises 15 units of competency. 

What is the application process? 

Individuals who wish to apply to this course can fill out the enquiry form provided on our course page. A career consultant will then get in touch to answer your questions regarding the program, provide in-depth information on what to expect as a student, and ensure that the course is aligned to your specific professional goals. You also have the option of enrolling anytime. 

Is mental health a good career choice?

Undecided on pursuing a career in mental health? We provide you with five great reasons why working in mental health could make a wonderful career option for you.

1. You’ll make a difference in the lives of others. 

It’s no secret that a mental health career can offer incredibly rewarding experiences – most notably the daily ability to help others.

As a mental health professional, you’ll be tending to clients of various backgrounds, assessing their needs and helping them work through a wide range of mental health-related issues. These include anxiety, depression, mood, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

On a given day, you may prescribe clients with the treatments they need, refer them to helpful third-party services, deliver counselling sessions, and help monitor their ongoing progress. You’ll play a critical, key role in their recovery and journey to a life of better emotional, social, and mental wellness. 

This career path thus offers anyone with a strong sense of fulfillment, knowing they’re helping change lives for the better. 

2. You’ll build on your people skills.    

As a career centred around people, those in the field are given great opportunities to strengthen their verbal communication and relationship-building skills. 

You’ll often spend your daily time talking with others and getting to know them – building the bond required to have them open up about their personal struggles, experiences, and mental health-related concerns. You’ll then likely apply specific counselling methods to assess their situation further, as well as help them work through the recurring problems they face. While plenty of patient interactions may be on-on-one, you may also be required to lead group therapy sessions and activities. 

Additionally, those in the mental health field may also work closely with other health professionals, including doctors and nurses, to help monitor patient progress and provide therapeutic assistance when needed. You’ll also likely collaborate with external mental-health related services to provide certain patients with the care and treatment they need.

3. You’re a naturally compassionate and empathetic person.

mother and daughter holding hands

Working in the mental health field requires a heavy deal of compassion, empathy, and a burning desire to help others. If you fit well into this category – then a career in the industry may just be the ideal path for you. 

As stated, you’ll be helping various people from all walks of life, each dealing with their own mental health-related issues and conditions. You’ll need to be able to approach your clients with the care and encouragement they need to effectively work through their problems. This requires supportive, judgement-free communication, and a great level of patience in assessing difficult cases. 

4. Mental health support jobs are high in demand.

With Australia increasingly spotlighting the importance of mental health, the push for greater access to appropriate services, treatment, and support has never been more prevalent. SEEK estimates a 15.2% employment growth in the field over the next five years, with over 3,000 opportunities currently available among their listings alone. 

According to Payscale, industry entrants can also look forward to an average salary of $62,182 AUD per year, with the highest-earners gaining around $81,000 AUD. Additionally, pay for mental health support workers tends to increase as their experience grows. 

Opportunities in the mental health field are thus abundant, offering those with the right training, knowledge, and passion for the subject with plenty of high-paying roles in the job market. 

5. New challenges every day. 

Finally, with the many fulfilling opportunities offered – working in the field rarely ever feels monotonous, with new, interesting challenges faced each day. 

No two days are ever the same, as you’ll be following a diverse selection of people on their individual journeys towards mental health and recovery. You’ll likely learn something new about your clients (and perhaps, even yourself) with each new interaction. You’ll also likely meet new clients on a frequent basis – individuals of various backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, each dealing with their own, unique mental health concerns. 

The field enables one to broaden their minds to different viewpoints and circumstances, enhancing their practice and skills accordingly.  

Kickstart a career path in mental health today! 

As discussed, the mental health field offers an abundance of meaningful employment opportunities for those with the proper skills, drive, and desire to pursue them.

Upskilled’s CHC43315 – Certificate IV in Mental Health offers a comprehensive deep-dive into the fundamental concepts and practices of the mental health field, helping bolster your skills for entry-level roles as a mental health or community support worker. 

Best of all, the course is delivered online, helping you tailor your training around your personal needs and schedule. 

Reap the rewards of a mental health career today, and enquire with us on the course. 
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