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How you can land a coding job by learning coding online

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Coding has grown in demand in recent times, with Australia’s programming landscape currently set to grow “very strongly” in the next few years to 2023 – jumping from 121,300 in 2018 to 146,800. 

The field currently offers plenty of career progression for aspiring professionals, with a wide variety of sub-specialities to explore; including software development, website development, project management, and programming architecture – among others.

So how does one land their first role in the coding field, and what are the benefits of learning the trade? 

Below, SkillsTalk discuss how undertaking an online course can help you attain a programming job – and the various transferable skillsets you’ll achieve along the way.

Learning to code equips you transferable IT skills. 

The technical skills you’ll learn from an online coding course can be transferred between a wide variety of roles in IT. 

Having established knowledge and experience in varying programming languages can help you find work among different types of development roles (or transition from one role to the other). Skills in Java, for instance, can grant you flexible opportunities in Big Data-oriented technologies, web application development, or in mobile device development – among others. 

If you have a strong interest or understanding of a certain business area (i.e. accounting), or generally enjoy managing projects and collaborating with other figures in business – a technical background in coding can help you excel as a business analyst or project manager in the IT field. Most programming courses, such as Upskilled’s ICT40518 - Certificate IV in Programming, may even train you in the skills and knowledge required to carry out ethical and professional behaviour in an IT environment.

Transferable coding skills can also help you progress to the role of an IT manager, where you can both apply your expertise in programming and software development to manage overall business operations. 

Additionally, equipping yourself such tech-savviness can help you stand out in the general job market. These skills are considered among the most valuable in “future-proofing” your career as we enter an increasingly-automated economic landscape. 

You’ll build the soft skills any coder needs.

coding concept

On top of acquiring valuable hard skills, undertaking an online coding course can also help you build the soft skills you’ll need for a successful career in the field – and in any industry, for that matter.

Learning to code can firstly sharpen one’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and attention to detail. From writing simple code to developing an entire program, programmers are typically faced with a continuous flow of logical problems – some more puzzling than others. This allows coding students to practice breaking down large roadblocks or issues into smaller, more manageable components; helping them efficiently come to the best possible solutions. 

Programming also often involves finding ways of improving code or fixing any bugs encountered, exercising one’s critical thinking and creativity skills. 

According to Job Outlook, problem-spotting, inductive reasoning, and deductive reasoning are among the top five skills sought after by employers in the coding industry.

Additionally, one would need a healthy dose of grit or perseverance, as coders typically encounter their fair share of stressful challenges and difficult project or client requirements. Undertaking an online course will grant you a feel of this reality in the industry; and the multiple projects and assignments provided can help you build your skills in patience, perseverance, and stress management. 

Such soft skills are valued from one coding role to the next – as all types of specialties in the field require exceptional problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity and grit to achieve professional success. 

An online course can help you build your portfolio.

Most employers in the programming field will look for evidence of technical competence on top of formal qualifications. While getting certified from an online course can improve your chances of finding employment (plenty of workers in the field hold a VET qualification), having a substantial portfolio will help you and your talents stand out from the crowd. 

With an online coding course, you’ll typically put your theory to practice through practical developer projects and portfolio assessments. Upskilled’s aforementioned ICT40518 - Certificate IV in Programming provides just this, with the course eventually culminating in the complex project of building an entire app. 

Not only does this build on your professional portfolio (aiding you in the job market), it also provides you with the opportunity to apply your creativity and unique ideas to a personal, independent creation.

According to former Upskilled student, Adam Coville, this summative assessment helped him “spread his wings a bit” and even inspired him to consider developing it “into a fully-fledged mobile game in the future”. Additionally, he “learned more effective ways to manage a complex project” – yet another transferable skill for any IT role or industry.

Learning to code (and working in the industry) offers great flexibility.

male programmer at work

By taking up an exclusively online coding course, you’re offered the flexibility of managing your own time, completing assignments at your own pace, and arranging your study tasks according to your personal needs and schedule. 

This is especially helpful when juggling other commitments related to work, family or education. The freedom an online course provides also grants its students room to pursue practical experience or independent projects on the side. With portfolios and evidence of technical experience as valued (if not mandatory) needs among employers in the coding field – the flexibility to do this can greatly benefit your future chances of employment. 

The opportunity to study coding online offers a seamless learning experience, as the trade primarily relies on digital tools and software. All one needs is a laptop or desktop computer, a stable internet connection, and the right coding programs to begin their educational journey.

Fortunately, this flexibility also extends to the actual profession, with plenty of opportunity to work from home. In fact, a quick search for available coding roles on FlexJobs – Australia’s online job board for telecommuting job opportunities – pulls up several pages of listings looking for full-time remote programmers. 

Those wishing to stray from the traditional, on-site, 9-5 lifestyle may thus a find that a coding career can very well suit their working preferences. 

Thinking of launching your coding career?

Learning to code online can offer aspiring programmers with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to get started in the coding industry. Plus, being completely digital – students can train under a flexible, self-paced study schedule.

Upskilled offers a wide variety of online courses in coding – including their ICT40518 - Certificate IV in Programming, ICT50615 - Diploma of Website Development, and their ICT50718 - Diploma of Software Development. 

Through a blend of vendor-specific, vendor-neutral, and trainer-developed materials, all courses dive into the fundamental skills required to help you pursue entry-level roles and specialties in the field. They’re also delivered 100% online, helping you schedule your training around personal or work commitments. 
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