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What is cyber security awareness and why is it important?

By Ben Madden

Cyber security awareness is becoming a key part of any worker’s skill set, and if it’s not an area you’ve considered before, then some training may be in order. As the world of work increasingly shifts online, it’s important to be aware of the threats that can pop up in any online space, especially in the workplace. 

Read on to learn more about the importance of cyber security awareness, as well as how you can increase your own cyber security awareness through training!

What is the meaning of cyber security awareness? 

Cyber security awareness involves understanding the different types of cyber threats, the impact those threats can have, and how those threats can be mitigated. Things like browsing the web, sending and receiving emails and communicating with people on social media/other websites can put yourself, your colleagues and even your business in a compromising position if you’re not thinking about cyber security.

Cyber security awareness is important, but it must also be paired with the ability to do the right thing when a potential threat arises. Cybnit reported that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, so it’s important that all relevant parties are given rigorous and comprehensive training (where relevant) so that your business is as protected from cyber-attacks as possible.

What is cyber security awareness training and why is it important? 

woman working on laptop

While not everyone in your business needs to have a sophisticated knowledge of the threats that can face a business, it is crucial that everyone in a company is at least aware of the threats that can arise in an online space. 

For employers, having employees complete cyber security awareness training can help set your business apart from the crowd, especially in a world where businesses are increasingly moving online. Employees also benefit from cyber security awareness training, as it helps them to develop their skill sets.

Cyber security awareness training is important in an ever-evolving world, as malicious parties are constantly looking for new ways to penetrate a business’s defenses. Malware, phishing attacks, SQL injections are zero-day exploits are just a selection of the types of attacks your business may face in any given year. 

Regular cyber security awareness training keeps your workforce’s cyber knowledge up to date, while arming them with the knowledge and tools to identify and report attempted cyber-attacks.

How do I enrol in a cyber security awareness training program?

If you’re looking to enrol in a cyber security awareness training program, then it’s important to do a few things. Firstly, you’ll want to understand what your goals are – are you looking to move into the cyber security field, upskill or both? Whatever your answer, it’ll help shape the type of training you complete, as well as the level of qualification you look to gain. 

You’ll also want to ensure that you meet the entry requirements for the courses you’re considering, as well as understanding the time commitment of studying. If you’re currently working, you’ll want to find a course that fits around your lifestyle. 
man working on laptop fully concentrated

Online study is a great option if you’re someone with other commitments, as you’ll be able to maintain your current commitments while studying on a schedule that is more conducive to your success.

Upskilled’s BSB40120 - Short Course in Cyber Security Awareness can provide you with the foundational knowledge needed in the cyber security world, so you can spot and respond to online threats and security breaches. To enrol in this course, you’ll need to have completed Year 10 or equivalent, so it’s a great way to gain some cyber security-related skills in an environment that’s designed to get you job-ready.

In the BSB40120 – Short Course in Cyber Security Awareness, you’ll learn things like: 
  • How to identify and report online security threats
  • How to securely manage personal and workplace information
  • How to promote workplace cyber security knowledge and policies
The course tests the knowledge of students through summative and formative assessments, reports and/or a portfolio. Students will find themselves completing projects that require research, with written/oral questions giving students a platform to showcase their ability to apply the theory they’re being taught in practical situations – perfect for workers who are looking to gain transferable skills.

The BSB40120 – Short Course in Cyber Security Awareness is a course that makes sense for you and your business. Whether you’re an office worker looking to help your business succeed online or a business owner that’s looking to increase their cyber security knowledge, this course can help give you the peace of mind that you, and those around you, are ready to act when cyber security threats arise.

Have you recognised the need to improve your cyber security awareness?  

Upskilled’s courses help employees and employers obtain the knowledge needed to ward off cyber security threats, in an environment that fosters and promotes collaborative learning. 

You can find out more about the courses that Upskilled provides here, or alternatively, reach out to Upskilled’s education consultants on 1300 009 924 to learn more about the importance of cyber security awareness training, and why it might be right for you/your workforce!
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