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The importance of workplace safety

By Ben Madden

Everyone deserves to be safe in the workplace. If you’re someone that is passionate about keeping people safe, then a career in workplace safety may be for you. When people feel safe in the workplace, their morale is higher, and they’re more likely to enjoy their work. 

We’ve taken a look at why WHS is so important and why it’s beneficial to keep your workplace safe, as well as how you can go about obtaining a BSB41419 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety!

What is WHS and why is it important?

Work health and safety (also referred to as WHS) refers to the wellbeing of people in the workplace. It’s a term that can also be applied to the things that are done to keep people safe in the workplace, including managing risks and providing training to those that might need it most.

WHS is important for many reasons, but above all else, people deserve to feel safe in the workplace. The workplace should be somewhere where people aren’t afraid of completing the tasks that they need to as part of their role – and while some industries are more hazardous than others (especially when it comes to manual labour), there are things that can be done in every industry to keep people safe.

hazard sign for slippery floor

Some of these WHS fixes include:

  • Ensuring people move around regularly, rather than sitting at a computer all day
  • Making sure that there are no potential tripping hazards
  • Teaching people the proper way to lift heavy objects when required
  • Monitoring workplace interactions to ensure that there are no signs of workplace bullying/harassment

What are the benefits of keeping your workplace safe?

  1. Helps improve staff retention.
  2. Improves employee productivity.
  3. Enhances your business' reputation. 
While improving WHS may initially cost time and money, it’s something that you and your business can’t afford to ignore. Keeping your employees and colleagues safe in the workplace is of the utmost importance – but it can have many benefits for your business too. While many benefits of improving workplace safety are intangible, keeping a workplace safe goes a long way to proving your mettle as a leader.

Some of the benefits of improving safety measures in your workplace include:

1. Helps improve staff retention.

Ensuring people feel safe in the workplace can help reduce stress, meaning people are more likely to stay with your business long-term. A 2021 poll from Gallup found that just 32% of US workers surveyed were happy with the amount of work-related stress they were experiencing, which likely affects their output at work. If people are able to come to work and feel safe in secure when completing various roles and tasks, then your workplace will be more united – meaning everyone will feel better long-term.

2. Improves employee productivity. 

productive employee

While it might seem obvious, happy employees are productive employees. The University of Warwick found that happiness made people around 12% more productive – which can go a long way to ensuring your business’s success. Listen to people’s concerns about workplace safety, and ensure they’re addressed. You might find that productivity goes through the roof as a result.

3. Enhances your business’ reputation.

If people know that your business does everything to keep your employees safe, then you’re more likely to attract and retain the best talent available. Showing those in your sector/industry that one of your business’s core goals is keeping everyone safe is beneficial for both employees and employers, and it’ll mean that when it comes time to hire your next star employee, you’ll have more people to choose from than you might expect.

How to get a BSB41419 - Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

You can get a BSB41419 - Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety by looking into different educational providers and seeing which might suit your lifestyle/what you’re looking for out of gaining another qualification. Like any certificate IV, a BSB41419 - Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety can help you work in a range of businesses and assist with workplace safety, as well as serve as a foundation for further training if required.

Some of the things that are worth considering when looking into a BSB41419 - Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety include:
  • Whether the course is online or in-person
  • Whether the course is more practical or theory-based
  • How long would it take to complete the course?
  • Who would be teaching the course?
  • What are some of the WHS skills that will be passed on as part of the course?
  • How WHS competency is assessed as part of the course
Whatever course you choose, upskilling is a great way to keep your workplace, as well as open up more career possibilities for yourself moving forward. Some of the careers that you may be drawn towards as a result of completing the BSB41419 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety include working as a WH&S officer, risk assessor or a supervisor with significant WHS responsibilities. It’s a highly valuable qualification, and one that can offer a lot to anyone that’s passionate about WHS. 

If you’re looking to learn more about how you can improve workplace safety, then the BSB41419 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety may prove to be very useful. It’s an online course that takes 12-18 months on average. Upskilled’s range of nationally recognised qualifications can help you take the next step in your career or learn more skills that can be used in your current role!
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