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What's your professional personality?

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Success in any career path comes down to one’s skills, experiences, and professional personality type. While technical abilities and credentials are a must, the character traits you possess as an employee – be it creativity, leadership, or active curiosity – will determine your productivity and collaborative style in the workplace.

We explore the four most common types of professional personalities below, and how establishing yours can help in achieving your career goals. 

What is a professional personality? 

A professional personality defines how you work, carry yourself, and communicate with others in a work environment. Just as specific skill sets lend to success in certain industries, an individual’s personality will often fare best in some fields (or roles) over others. 

The most successful workplaces typically comprise varying professional personalities, as this diversity in character leads to a wider breadth of ideas and perspectives. All have their place in the business world, and determining your own can help you plan your career path and build your desired skill set as necessary. 

This can often be done through simple self-reflection or by mapping out your specific strengths, interests, and weaknesses. Like most workers, you may find your persona fits within one of the four most common personalities below. 

4 types of professional personalities 

1. The Driver/Leader. 

Consider yourself a visionary? A natural-born leader? Determined against all odds? Perhaps you best fit the personality of “The Driver” or “The Leader”. 

Commonly seen as the head of their team, these personality types are typically confident, energetic, and self-motivated. As workers, they tend to be hyper-focused on their goals – driving projects to success despite obstacles or setbacks. They enjoy guiding and encouraging others in their vision, and thrive under pressure or when facing new challenges. Giving up is their last resort, as they’ll often do whatever it takes to achieve what they’re after.

As such, this professional personality will likely succeed in managerial, mentoring, or general business roles. At times, however, their drive may come off aggressive (particularly clashing with the more “sensitive” personalities of the workplace); but their endless motivation and intolerance for excuses will often see them achieving or accomplishing whatever they set their minds to. 

2. The Amiable/Helper.

The “Amiable” or “Helper” personality is typically the most-liked in the workplace, as they’re often seen assisting others and advising those who need it. This personality type is seen as a kind, encouraging, and an overall pleasant force in the company; often avoiding conflict and helping resolve those that arise. They aim to see others achieve, aiding them in overcoming their personal struggles or obstacles.

With a passion for improving the lives of others, those of this personality type typically find the best success in community services, education, or health-focused careers. These could include the role of a medical aide, a counsellor, or an individual support worker. 

Usually conflict-averse, those in this role may be indirect in expressing their anger or dissatisfaction. The best way to approach these personalities is through the same kindness and encouragement they typically extend. 

3. The Expressive/Entrepreneur.

woman entrepreneur smiling

As naturals in the business world, the “Expressive” or “Entrepreneur” personalities possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These workers have no problem meeting new people and sharing new ideas, often seen as the “life” of the workplace or the company jokester. 

When it comes to projects, this professional personality complements the “Driver/Leader”, helping motivate employees and drive up enthusiasm. As such, they’re typically the best people to convince others of certain decisions – whether it's persuading executives, gaining the interest of investors, or getting their peers onboard their vision. They’re also innovative and prone to thinking out-of-the-box, helping them work independently and successfully solve problems on the fly. 

Those of this personality are thus the best type to “be their own boss”, running their own business ventures or side hustles. Like “Drivers” or “Leaders”, they may also find success in executive or leadership roles. 

4. The Analytical/Problem Solver.

Finally, the “Analytical” or the “Problem Solver” are the highly logical, critical thinkers of the workplace. These personalities are skilled in finding answers to incredibly complex challenges, and are thus typically neat, organised, and highly strategic. Independent and perfectionist, these workers often work best on their own. 

Though having a strong, logical skillset – the analytical problem-solver is also creative, with a flair for forming unique, calculated plans to otherwise complicated and chaotic situations. This persona thus fares best in roles that require heavy organisation, such as project management, event planning, customer service, or architecture. 

With their perfectionist tendencies, this personality type can also be prone to over-analysing. Paired with the initiative of a “Driver/Leader” or the encouragement from an “Amiable/Helper”, however – these personas can offer the best possible solutions for any problem or challenge. 

Why is it important to be aware of your professional personality? 

colleagues laughing and sharing ideas

An awareness of your professional personality can help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie as an employee. For example, while you may have the vision and creativity of the “Entrepreneur”, you may find yourself prone to disorganisation or fickle decisions. Knowing your weak spots can help you determine the skills areas that need improving, allowing you to reach your full potential as a worker. 

Getting familiar with the specific traits of your professional personality can also aid in your communication with others, helping you be more self-aware of how you approach conflict, collaborative projects, and general interaction with workplace peers. Additionally, getting a feel of their personality type can help you better understand where they’re coming from, allowing you to approach them in more productive ways. 

Last, but definitely not least – knowing your professional personality can help you in mapping out your career path. An understanding of your natural talents, as well as your shortcomings, allows you to plan for a career that best meshes with your character. Not only does this pave the way for greater professional success – but also a stronger sense of satisfaction and passion for what you do. 

Looking to boost your professional skills?

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