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6 benefits of mentoring in the workplace

By Emilly Parris

Today, more businesses are recognising the clear advantages of mentorship programs for employees and their mentors. The nature of mentoring is such that both mentors and mentees have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and grow professionally.

In fact, studies show that 67% of businesses report an increase in productivity due to mentorship, while employees benefit by accelerating their learning and achieving their goals sooner.

Whether you’re thinking of adding a mentorship to your workplace or finding a mentor for yourself, let’s look at some of the benefits mentoring can bring to your career.

3 benefits of receiving mentoring.

  1. Support and encouragement in their career and personal development.
  2. Useful behavioural feedback.
  3. Opportunities to advance in your career. 

Mentees gain many benefits when working with a mentor in the workplace. Aside from gaining an ally and friend, they also gain:

1. Support and encouragement in their career and personal development.

One of the greatest benefits of receiving mentoring in the workplace is gaining support and encouragement in your growth. 

When you have a mentor, you have someone you can turn to for advice, but you also gain insight and knowledge from someone with first-hand experience. You can learn a lot from your mentor, and that can keep you motivated to continue working towards your goals.

Without encouragement and support, you may lack the will and drive to push forward in your career or the confidence to jump at the chance for a promotion.

2. Useful behavioural feedback.

mentoring concept

The way you behave and interact with your co-workers makes a world of difference in your performance and how well everyone works together. However, it’s not always easy to gauge how your behaviour and actions will be viewed by others. A mentor can help to address any issues in a non-judgemental way.

They can give you an outsider’s perspective and insight into how you’re perceived by others. Helpful tips and advice can help you improve in ways that will allow you to better fit into the workplace culture.

Having self-awareness is incredibly advantageous in the workplace. Behavioural feedback from your mentor can help you learn how to better work and communicate with others.

3. Opportunities to advance in your career.

The right mentor can help you grow and advance in your career. Without the help of a mentor, it can be challenging to find a clear path forward and the focus you need to succeed.

The goal of a mentorship is to help you develop confidence, encouragement, support and find a path towards your career goals. Mentors also help in the development of skills needed to advance and gain that all-important promotion.

When vying for a promotion, your mentor will help you prepare and build up your confidence. Both of these things can go a long way in helping you succeed. 

3 benefits of mentoring others.

  1. Build a professional network.
  2. Improve your leadership skills.
  3. Boost your confidence and fulfillment. 

Mentoring others is just as beneficial as receiving mentoring. Older and more experienced workers have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to help younger, less experienced individuals grow both personally and professionally.

1. Build a professional network.

As a mentor, you will naturally grow your professional network. Every mentee that you take on will expand your network of contacts, giving you more opportunities to grow and advance in your own career. 

Many of your mentees will go on to succeed in their careers, and you will have played a big role in their successes. All of your mentees will become valuable contacts that you can call on in the future.

2. Improve your leadership skills.

Successful mentoring requires solid leadership skills. Your job is to help mentees along their path to success by sharing your own experience, offering encouragement and support, and providing sound advice.

It also requires that you take on the difficult task of being honest. Leaders must be able to convey constructive criticism in a helpful way and this is the same with mentoring.

Over time, taking on the role of a mentor will help you gain valuable leadership skills, including communication, trustworthiness, responsibility and positivity—skills which are valuable in any workplace. 

3. Boost your confidence and fulfilment.

working as a team concept

By being someone’s role model, you will gain confidence as well as professional fulfilment. Mentorship can be a rewarding experience that brings personal satisfaction. Seeing your mentees grow and achieve their goals can be uplifting and motivating.

Their successes are your successes too. After all, your advice played a role in their growth. The confidence you gain can help you grow not just in your own career but in your personal life as well.

Mature workers in particular, often feel held back in their career due to the limitations that come with age. But 71% of Fortune 500 companies still look to hire mature workers as part of their mentorship programs, because they understand the tremendous value older workers bring to the workplace with their high-level thinking.

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