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How upskilling can help you make a career change

By Emilly Parris

Upskilling is incredibly beneficial for your career—even more so if you’re considering a career change or a move into an unfamiliar industry. Taking the leap into unchartered territory can feel daunting and at times, impossible—especially if you lack the experience, knowledge or confidence to turn your dreams into reality.

But in today’s workforce, it’s more possible than ever before to transform your career simply by learning the required skills, honing your experience and proving to employers you have what it takes to succeed. Upskilling is one of the best ways to not only gain the right skills and prove yourself to employers but also to develop your confidence and help you decide the best path for your future.

If you’re considering making a career change—no matter how big or small, these are some ways you can benefit from starting this journey right now.

Why upskilling is important in today’s competitive workforce.

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The Australian government is spending $2 billion to help retrain and upskill Australians into sectors that are growing and can spur economic recovery. This provides ample opportunity for professionals to either upgrade their existing skills or acquire new ones to enter a different field.

Upskilling opens doors to new opportunities by providing you with a more diverse skillset. Staying relevant in the rapidly changing workplace demands you to hone your skills and stay at the forefront of your industry. When you upskill, you can learn skills that enhance your career as well as skills to help you enter into a new career.

Your goal may be to learn transferable skills that can be applied to multiple career paths, or you may decide that it’s time for a change but you’re unsure of how to make the transition. Online courses, lectures and training seminars are an effective way to bridge the gap between your previous experience and the direction you see your career heading.

The benefits of upskilling.

Companies often invest in upskilling their workforce, but you can also choose to enhance your skills on your own. The benefits of upskilling go far beyond allowing you to stay relevant in the workforce. You'll benefit throughout your career by:

Filling in skill gaps.

You can have skill gaps that stop you from advancing in your career, or you can recognise gaps that exist in your current workforce. When you upskill online, you’re able to remain a productive part of the workforce while filling in gaps in your skillset that make you more valuable in the workforce.

Improving opportunities.

Workers, especially in the tech field, are known to switch jobs often to seek out higher salaries and wages. The right skills improve these opportunities, allowing you to find employment faster and have better control over your career. When you have more soft and hard skills, you’ll become more valuable to your employer or potential employers.

Discovering new career paths.

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Learning new skills and revisiting the ones you already have may lead you to new career paths. Horizontal paths, or entering positions in new fields or sectors, is possible when you continue learning new skills.

Improving work quality.

New learning opportunities have a direct relation to the quality of your work. As you learn new skills, you can approach work in different ways, solve new problems and become more productive.

Refreshing your CV.

Improving your skills and expanding upon your education also assists with job hunting. Often when AI is used to sort through resumes, one or two skills added to the CV can mean the difference between a human looking at your CV or not. Employers also prefer to hire employees that take it upon themselves to continue their education.

The practice of upskilling is about staying relevant in today’s market while also ensuring that your future career prospects remain strong.

Why upskilling online is important for busy professionals.

Retaining employment while advancing your skills is easier when you upskill online. Busy professionals must remain productive, and in-person training may not always be an option. Online learning allows you to:

•    Learn at your own convenience
•    Choose skills that you find valuable
•    Take greater control over your career
•    Be more confident in your work and future prospects

Are you ready to upskill?

Choosing to upskill online shows employers that you’re a devoted employee willing to continue your education. You'll also be able to pick and choose which gaps to fill with your training while following a schedule that is best for you. The more skills you learn, the easier it will be to enter a new career.

Upskilled offers a wide range of online courses in popular and emerging industries, from Information Technology to Community Services and more. Start your upskilling journey by chatting to one of their helpful education consultants or enquiring through the contact form.
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