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Thinking about upskilling? We have some industry news for you

By Fi Darby

Across the country, Australians continue to see a rapid rate of change and reorganisation in their work patterns and job requirements. As technology advances and our business needs expand, we all need to remain alert and pay attention to the latest news.

For those who are prepared to keep up to date with business news and relevant career moves as required, opportunities abound. From cyber security to Australia’s young entrepreneurs, we have the business news on job pattern changes, technological advancement and opportunities to upskill. Whether you are making a career move or embarking on your first venture into the world of work, we can help.

In-demand job trends for 2019

  1. Cyber Security is gaining attention from business managers.
  2. Australia’s caring careers workforce needs to expand.
  3. Australia’s young entrepreneurs are thriving.
  4. 5G Technology represents a huge industrial shift.

1. Cyber Security is gaining attention from business managers.

cyber security concept

Network security is big business news. There aren’t many aspects of our daily lives that don’t now include some kind of access to computer devices and interesting software. Most of the processes that we take for granted, including online shopping, social interaction and even mapping, involve the processing of large amounts of data.

This means that data is now valuable currency and, as such, prone to cyber attack. Across Australia, business managers are being advised to ensure that the data of their customers, employees and stakeholders is stored and processed within secure systems designed to protect from invasion.

Whether an organisation chooses to employ their own network security specialist or engage the services of a cyber security agency, the emphasis on a risk-free approach has led to increased requirement for qualified professionals who can implement and review information security systems as well as educate staff on best practices.

If you are already working in information technology, you will understand that a career move to network security specialist would require some degree of further training. We have just the course to suit with our Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security).

2. Australia’s caring careers workforce needs to expand.

asian woman carer with asian man patient

The median age of Australians (the age at which half the population is older and half younger) is now 2 years higher than it was in 1998 and the latest news is that the number of people in the caring workforce has not risen to meet increasing demands.

With an additional 46,000 Health Care and Social Assistance related jobs now available, this rise in demand clearly demonstrates that there are rewards out there for those interested in a caring career. Employers in this group are seeking a combination of employability and specialised skills, with first aid, communication skills and caregiving topping the list.

If you are considering embarking on your first career in care or, as many other Australians, seriously thinking about retraining for a career move, the best place to start may well be an online course in community services. At Upskilled we offer the CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services and the CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services (Case Management).

Whichever online course you choose, you will find yourself ahead of those without qualifications when it comes to job applications.

3. Australia’s young entrepreneurs are thriving.

young asian woman business owner

Entrepreneurship in Australia is flourishing and it could easily be argued that it is young entrepreneurs who are leading the way and making the business news headlines. Example successes including the graphic design gurus Canva, job matching platform OneShift and digital communications specialists Fone Dynamics, have seen their determination, creativity and commitment to learning lead to widespread expansion and exponential success.

If you fancy a slice of this entrepreneurial pie you should consider building your skills and gaining business qualifications. Start-up competition in Australia is healthy so you will want to be ahead of the game, before you even start playing it!

If the idea of running your own business is new to you, how about our BSB40320 Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business? Or, if you have a fair amount of industry knowledge, and feel ready for an exciting career move, our BSB50120 Diploma of Business could be your best step towards a new entrepreneurial career.

Business and leadership qualifications give you training in the crucial practices of a business and help you to consider issues that you might not previously have thought of such as marketing, leadership and information management.

4. 5G Technology represents a huge industrial shift.

wireless communication

One well-broadcast piece of latest news is that 5G technologies are going to hit Australia very soon and, when they do, they won’t just be about quicker mobile phone experiences or the ability to watch movies. Fifth generation networks are going to have an impact on logistics, manufacturing, medicine, security, virtual reality and AI technology.

For many businesses, 5G will offer challenges in the form of upgrades, and benefits in the form of increased productivity, as well as new industries, products and services. It is going to take savvy and qualified IT business managers to lead the way.

It isn’t too late to make a career move and jump on the 5G bandwagon if you are prepared to upskill and gain further qualifications. Our ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology will take you a step ahead of the crowd.

Need to move forward in your career?

In times of rapid change, life can be exciting, especially if you are ready and willing to keep an eye on the latest news developments and gain suitable qualifications. Your existing career might not be exactly the one you want but who knows, with a bit of training and some new qualifications, you might be able to make the career move you are after. Get in touch with us today to find out more.
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