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7 programming and tech trends to keep up with in 2022

By Ben Madden

If you’re someone that is interested in the programming/technology world, then it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. It’s an ever-evolving industry, so constantly pushing your knowledge and skills forward will help you stand out from the crowd.

We’ve put together some trends that may shape the programming/technology world in 2022 and beyond, as well as why a career in coding might be right for you!

What are the current tech trends?

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. The Multi-Cloud
  4. Virtual/Augmented Reality
  5. Quantum Computing
  6. Edge Computing
  7. Robotic Process Automation
Looking to understand what tech trends will shape the next 12 months and beyond? Some of the trends we’re keeping a close eye on include:

1. Artificial Intelligence

People have been talking about AI for a while now, and for good reason. It’s an ever-growing field, used for speech and image recognition, virtual assistance, personalised learning and much more. Going forward, it’s set to become increasingly sophisticated, allowing businesses to provide personalised experiences to their audience. 

2. Blockchain

The blockchain is most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies, but it has great potential to be used as “smart contracts”, also known as self-executing contracts. Smart contracts are a way of automating how agreements are executed.

3.  The Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud deployment uses public clouds from a range of cloud providers. It’s a way of utilising the different services that cloud providers offer consumers, reducing dependency on a single provider.

4. Virtual/Augmented Reality

VR and AR have become staples of the entertainment industry, but there is also great potential for uses in educating the next generation of professionals. Using VR/AR to practice mechanical procedures, surgeries or other complicated tasks means that people can be confident when it comes to performing the real thing.

5. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is set to significantly enhance the computing power available to industries everywhere. Quantum computing makes use of the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems that computers have previously been unable to, pushing the knowledge that the world has access to forward. 

6. Edge Computing

Edge computing combines data storage and computation to improve latency issues. It’s a way of speeding up response time in situations where a fast response from the cloud is crucial.

7. Robotic Process Automation

If you’ve ever wanted to automate a process, then RPA may be the answer. It’s set to be a way for businesses to automate processes that would otherwise be manual - repetitive tasks that humans need to complete.

Which programming language is best in 2022?

While there are a range of programming languages like C, C+ and Javascript, Python is often considered to be the best language to learn. It’s a language that’s sought after by employers, while also being easy to write and flexible. It’s a language that can be used for web development, AI and machine learning, data analytics and much, much more. You really can’t go wrong with Python!

Is coding a good career in 2022?

There are many benefits to a career in coding/programming. It has a high earning potential, coupled with a high projected job growth. It’s also a career that allows flexibility – if you want to work in the office, at home or a mixture of a two, then you’re easily able to given the online nature of the field.

The world is spending more on IT than ever, as people come to understand the importance of having a strong presence in the digital world. It's therefore a career that will allow you to grow as a professional and try out a range of specialities. If you’re looking to make a mark in the professional world, then becoming a coder might just be the pathway for you.
If you’re looking for a career in coding, then studying a ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) may be the best course of action. It’s a course that takes 12-18 months on average, and can be completed online, allowing you to attend to your other commitments. As part of the course, you’ll take part in a simulated workplace, so you’ll feel confident in looking for your dream role upon completion.
Some of the things you’ll learn during the course include:

  • How to develop mobile applications
  • How to collaborate with others
  • How to develop critical thinking skills
  • How to enhance your problem-solving skills
  • How to build a user interface
  • How to identify and resolve client ICT problems
  • How to test software
  • How to write scripts for software applications
And much more!

It’s a practical course, designed to help you reach your full potential as a programmer. If you’ve got an idea you want to share with the world, or you just want to learn more about how you can help shape the future of technology, then this is the course for you.
If you’re looking to embark on a career in coding, or just looking to update your programming knowledge, then Upskilled can help. Upskilled provides a range of courses in various industries, designed to provide practical, job-ready information. You can learn more by visiting the Upskilled website here!
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