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4 reasons why you should learn programming

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

As we head towards a progressively digital world, programming skills are increasingly hailed as “the language of the new era”. Coding offers a stepping stone towards the numerous opportunities in technology and beyond, offering plenty of career value – now and into the future.

Yet, Australia still suffers an alarming shortage in programming skills, with approximately 60% more needed by 2028, according to Information Age. On the flipside, this offers plenty of lucrative career paths, and access to the appropriate training and study options have never been more abundant. Aspiring industry entrants are now even able to build their skills online.

With expanding opportunities in the field and its growing criticality in our future workplace, we dive into the many reasons why you should learn programming today.

What are the benefits of learning programming online?

1. It helps “future-proof” your career.

As mentioned, learning to code is recommended for securing your future career path. As mentioned by, statistics show that around 63% of Australia’s “desk jobs” are set for automation by 2030, particularly those in finance, accounting, and administration.

As the saying goes: “code or get coded”; equipping yourself with a programming skillset can help you navigate, manage, and oversee these automated systems, rather than simply get left behind. On top of this, you’ll have far more time and energy to focus on areas of greater critical and creative thinking, instead of wasting productivity on mundane, repetitive tasks.

2. Demand for coding skills remains strong.

coding concept

Coding skills are highly sought-after by employers, with incredibly strong growth expected for programmers in Australia. According to SEEK, the industry can expect a 23.4% uptick in professionals within the next five years.
Those seeking opportunities in the tech industry can thus find plenty in programming; and with continued demand estimated for the future – they’re sure to enjoy plenty of job stability, as well.

3. Expand your job opportunities and earnings potential.

With a high demand for programming skills, paired with a critical shortage in talent – Australia currently offers plenty of lucrative career paths in the field. According to Job Outlook, the average full-time programmer earns around $2,003 a week, far higher than the all-jobs average of $1,460. Software engineers, web developers, data scientists, and system architects, in particular, are among the highest-paid coding-related jobs in the country.

Furthermore, such skills are highly transferable among tech jobs and beyond. As we grow more dependent on digital technologies, the skillset offers a competitive advantage in non-coding job roles and general business.   

4. Exercise your critical and analytical thinking skills.

Finally, learning to code can help you further your critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills.

Programming is essentially the art of instructing machines based on a set of logical outlines. Complex, innovative problem-solving thus plays a crucial role in this – a highly valuable, transferable skill in any industry or career. A constant practice of this can help one more effectively and efficiently solve general problems; allowing them to approach things from a new perspective, as well as break down issues into manageable, individual steps.

How do online programming classes work?

With our rising need for coders, aspiring professionals now have a myriad of training options to choose from. Among these are online classes, offering individuals a flexible, cost-effective way of building the skills and experience they need.

Can I learn programming at home?

Rather than having students attend an on-site campus, online programming classes are all-digital – in which one accesses most (if not all) of their study materials, communicates with trainers and fellow students, and works on course assignments through a completely online platform. This gives one the freedom to study at any location they prefer, including the comfort of their own home.

Some training providers (such as Upskilled) offer 24/7 access to course resources, allowing one to study at a schedule and pace that suits them best.

Additionally, plenty of online programming classes result in nationally recognised qualifications, helping one gain the credentials needed to stand out in the job market.

Is online learning better than the traditional approach?

1. Learn self-discipline and time management.

The freedom of online learning allows one to take accountability of their own study habits and timetable. You won’t have professors or tutors reminding you of your next assessment or deadline; instead, the responsibility falls solely on you to set a proper schedule and agenda.  

Pursuing online learning can thus help you improve your self-discipline and time management skills, as you form a schedule that works best for you – while remaining just as efficient and organised as you’d be in a traditional academic setting.

2. Study in ways that suit you best.

As mentioned, online learning offers more control over one’s study process. While regular communication with your trainer is required, the digital nature of your course helps you study at a time and place that suits you best.

Additionally, most courses also offer the freedom of learning on your own terms – allowing you to digest and analyse course content at a pace you best prefer.

3. Flexibility in schedule.

programmer working from home

With more freedom in your study schedule, online learning thus allows for better work-life-study balance. Students can organise their training around other commitments and responsibilities, these including family, work, and possibly other educational opportunities on the side.

This particularly benefits existing professionals, as they’re able to further their skills – and thus, their careers – while carrying on with full-time work. Upskilling while employed can help one achieve promotions, greater role responsibilities, or shift to new roles or departments altogether.

4. Save time and resources.

As students are able to train from home, online learning allows one to save on the extra time and costs of travel, physical resources, and extra campus fees of traditional study. Instead, all you need is a working laptop, a stable internet connection, and a quiet environment to communicate with trainers or work on your course assessments.

Some training providers (such as Upskilled) also offer government-subsidised courses – provided one meets the eligibility requirements.

5. Gain transferable skills.

Lastly, the skills you’ll gain through online learning are applicable to any job or industry. These include soft skills in self-organisation, communication, creative thinking, and collaboration.

The ability to bolster your self-drive, promote innovative ideas, and work harmoniously with others are a must in any workplace, setting the foundations for career success. Completing an online course will likely exhibit these skills to potential or current employers, improving your chances of employment or career progression.

Ready to build your programming skills?

As mentioned, those seeking to explore the coding field can now flexibly do so through an online training course.

Upskilled currently offers a both a ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) and a ICT50120 – Diploma of Information Technology, helping entry-level coders get a head start in their career.

Learn the fundamentals of coding, applications, and databases through our certificate program; and further your skills in critical areas of networking, web development, and cloud computing through our diploma course.
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