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Quick career guides part #10: marketing careers

By | 25 March 2018

Even if you think you know what you would like your next career step to be, it is always a good idea from time to time, to have a look at other options. The Australian government produces lots of statistics about work and employment, and reading industry blogs can be a great way to find out more about job sectors from people who really know their stuff, they are also a good way to gain useful information before an interview.

For many people, however, the problem with accessing all of this information is time. All the career information we need is out there but the time to look through it often eludes us. To encourage you to think about different career possibilities that might suit you, we sought out information about Australia’s fastest growing careers and have created a quick guide about each one for you. For each industry, this guide includes information about growth and employment, available qualifications and recommended blogs.


Marketing Careers

Marketing is the promotion of products or services and has significant importance across all industry sectors. Marketers need to be able to work well with people and to understand motivation to buy, but they also need to be good with numbers and understand how to use IT packages to good effect. Marketing has moved well and truly into the digital age and is a sector that is showing growth in digital areas but not in some traditional areas such as sign writing.


Workforce size:

  • Advertising, public relations and sales managers (139,300)
  • Advertising and marketing professionals (67,300)

Unemployment rate

  • ‘Below Average’ and ‘Average’

Highest number of part time workers (occupations in growth)

  • Visual merchandisers (50%)
  • Journalists and other writers (31%)

Highest number of female workers

  • Visual merchandisers (87%)
  • Advertising and marketing professional (60%)

Recommended qualifications (lowest and highest available skills levels)



Recommended blogs 

Blog Name

Career Tips

Industry Specific advice

Useful Resources

Australia Specific

Meltwater Blog





The Inspiration Room





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