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Why you should study aged care if you already have experience

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

As a critical (yet increasingly understaffed) sector – the aged care industry dedicates its resources to Australia’s elderly population; ensuring they receive the adequate support, accommodation, and healthcare they need. Such care is typically provided in the homes of clientele, in nursing homes, or as short-term treatment (i.e. after hospital or respite care). 

Those who pursue a career in the field are bound to experience the many rewarding challenges, opportunities, and long-term relationships offered to those with the right character, passion, and experience. With multiple ways to now train your skills online, launching your path to the aged care profession has never been more achievable. 

We look into the benefits of pursuing and studying aged care below – especially for those with prior field experience. 

Why should you study aged care if you have existing experience? 

aged care concept

As an aged care professional, you’re constantly on your feet and performing hands-on activities – whether it’s preparing daily meals, performing room maintenance (i.e. cleaning, tidying, sanitising), or helping feed, shower, and dress your patients. With prior work experience in the field, you’re likely equipped with the basic knowledge of what processes, practices, and protocols take place in these environments, as well as developed skills in performing such tasks with efficiency. 

Taking up a course in aged care can help you advance these skills through further, intensive training; arming you with a deeper education of the legalities, ethics, and procedures that take place in the industry. Existing experience may have already equipped you with the basic soft skills of the field, though you’ll get to refine these through further coaching in individualised support and effective communication.  

Additionally, you’ll keep up to date with the latest resources, treatments, and equipment available in the field, and ultimately – have your newfound knowledge and skills verified through a nationally-recognised qualification (provided that your course offers one). 

With plenty of courses now available online (such as those provided by Upskilled) – those currently engaged in practical work experience can pursue further study while completing their internship or on-the-job training. Online courses typically offer the flexibility of getting to train at a time, place, and pace that suits you best, carving out time in your schedule to pursue real-world workplace experience on the side. 

Is aged care a good career choice? 

Those looking to work in aged care will find plenty of benefits to entering the sector.

The field is commonly known for its challenges – placing workers in a typically hectic, fast-paced, and demanding environment, constantly tending to the needs of the vulnerable. However, those with the right drive, passion, and dedication to helping others will gain plenty of fulfillment from their role; as they’ll forge lasting, memorable relationships, meet people from all walks of life, and have the chance to make a positive impact on society.  

Also, no two days are ever the same as an aged care worker, making for a constantly interesting and highly dynamic career. You’ll additionally broaden your mindset towards varying personalities, cultures, perspectives, and behaviours, and learn to empower those who need it most. 

On top of it all, demand is currently high for aged care professionals in Australia, as our aging population continues to grow. By 2024, 20% of Australians are expected to reach over 65 years in age – and by 2044, statistics predict this age group to outnumber those aged under 18. Furthermore, as health advancements continue to flourish, so does the average life expectancy. 

The need for skills in aged care has thus soared in recent years, with SEEK statistics predicting a 24.7% job growth in the next half decade. 

It’s also important to note that the sector offers much more than roles in frontline support; depending on your specific skills and interests, positions in administration, human resources, management and catering are also available. The industry offers plenty of flexibility – including options to pick up part-time roles, full-time positions, or shift work.

What can I learn from an online aged care course? 

aged care concept

As mentioned, undertaking an online aged care course can help you develop the skills to succeed in the field – as well as build upon your existing ones. 

Depending on your course, you may explore areas of specialised support, safety practices, ethics, and effective communication. Upskilled’s CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community), for instance, dives into these key areas; equipping students with the skills to empower their clients, support their everyday needs and activities, and promote a healthy physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. Individuals will also learn of industry-standard workplace practices to ensure the safety of their clientele, along with the legal and ethical responsibilities of their role.

Additionally, students will develop (or further) their soft skills in communication and relationship-building, helping them effectively work with other carers, services, or management; and respond appropriately to a client’s personal needs (including those with dementia). 

How long does it take to complete the course?

This certificate course takes up to 18 months to complete, comprising 13 units of competency. Students will complete the program with a nationally-recognised qualification, helping them stand out in the job market for entry-level roles in aged care work. 

How to enrol for the course

If this seems like the course for you, simply hit “Enquire Now” on the course page and fill out the provided form. Once submitted, an education consultant will then get in touch to answer all your questions about the program, filling you in on what to expect, and ensure the course aligns with your specific professional goals. 

Explore a career path in aged care today! 

Consider yourself a naturally compassionate, hard-working people-person who loves a challenge? With Australia’s aged population on a fast incline, the need for skills in the aged care sector is only set to grow. Those looking to make a difference in one of the country’s most critical fields will find no better time than now to set foot in the industry. 

Aspiring professionals can sharpen their competitive advantage through professional training, helping them build the practical skills and knowledge required to effectively help those in need. As mentioned, Upskilled’s CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) can equip you with the nationally-recognised skillset to help launch your career. Additionally, the program is delivered online, letting you train on a flexible schedule that suits you best. 

Join the growing world of Australia’s aged care sector today, and enquire with us on the course. 
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