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Upskilled asks: 84% of you say you shouldn't put a photo on your resume

By Jana Angeles

In this week’s Facebook poll, Upskilled asked whether you should put a photo of yourself on your resume. Results have shown that 84% of you believe that you shouldn’t put one on there. Here are some interesting facts Skillstalk found on including a photo of yourself on your resume. 

Why adding a photo on your resume may not be such a good idea

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  • Some employers may see it as unprofessional: You may have used a selfie or a photo of yourself from a holiday trip. This can come across to some employers as you not taking the application process seriously if you’re not careful about the selected photo.
  • The recruitment process may not be bias-free: There may be an unconscious bias for recruiters if they already know what you look like before meeting you for a job interview. 
  • Adding a photo may pass up a job opportunity: It’s nothing personal but employers may not screen your resume at all if a photo of yourself is included. They may think it isn’t fair on other applicants who don’t have one on their resume.

However, it also depends.

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  • Adding a photo on your resume may be a requirement: Actors need to submit professional headshots when applying for roles in theatre, TV or film, so submitting a photo of themselves is an actual requirement since their appearance is judged for the purposes of character work. 
  • Having a photo when attending a networking event helps: If you’re attending a networking event or conference, you may want your new contacts to remember what you look like when considering you for future job roles.
  • You believe adding a photo adds value to your application: You may think it’s appropriate to add a photo on your resume because it adds a personable touch that may make employers inclined to meet you. 

Need further tips when it comes to your resume?

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