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How studying can help you become a standout job candidate

By Fi Darby | 27 February 2019

There can be no doubt that work experience gives you training opportunities and helps you to gain a range of employability skills but statistics prove that being able to show additional levels of education on a resume to those you gained at school, increases your likelihood of earning more.

For example, in August 2018, the median weekly earnings of Australian employees with a qualification at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level were $1,100 as opposed to $1,500 for employees with a postgraduate level qualification. The good news here is that, with flexible online study, improving your qualification level and making that weekly increase a reality is within your grasp.

However, on-going study isn’t just about reaping the financial benefits of gaining further qualifications, the skills you learn and the determination you demonstrate while you are studying can make your resume the one that stands out to potential future employers.

Competition for top jobs is increasing

How studying can help you become a standout job candidate

With employment across Australia continuing its impressive rise (between November 2018 and December 2018 employment rose by 2.3%) and the competition for top jobs in sought-after careers increasing, finding training opportunities that will give you the chance to demonstrate employability skills and a positive approach to education on a resume, is becoming more important.

It stands to reason, if you are a manager sifting through a pile of applications, you are only going to select for interview those candidates who have shown a continuing interest in industry specifics and a willingness to learn.

Studying will give you key employability skills

As most savvy employers know, studying online isn’t just about gaining knowledge or even about showcasing education on a resume. The processes, the organisational skills and the commitments that training opportunities require, all help you to build a set of valuable qualities that those without your educational experience might not possess. Time management, idea presentation, networking and self-motivation are all examples of key skills that, once you have gained from further study, will add to your potential value as an employee and co-worker.

Studying can give you a technological advantage

How studying can help you become a standout job candidate

Threats to traditional employment from technological advancements such as AI continue but, for many Australian employers, the focus is now on finding ways to integrate automation into existing job roles. Upskilling is a big part of this, as is employing a workforce whose employability skills include being technologically up-to-speed and assured.

Not only does online study add to your hi-tech confidence via a range of computer-based learning and communication experiences, if you can include IT qualifications in the section for education on a resume, you will be clearly demonstrating a flexible and forward-thinking approach.

Australians of all ages are studying

In Australia in May 2018, 9.8 million or 66.7% of Australians between 20 and 64 years of age had attained qualifications beyond those they earned at school and just over a third of all Australians in this age bracket had a qualification at Bachelor level or above

These statistics demonstrate the importance that our workforce and their employers are placing on taking advantage of training opportunities. It is particularly interesting to note that the numbers of Australians aged between 65 and 74 with non-school qualifications, increased between 2013 and 2018 by 7.2%. We are, it would appear, never too old to learn.

Research skills are important

How studying can help you become a standout job candidate

Most online study courses include some element of detailed research and it is this gathering and presentation of information that is sometimes missing from work experience placements. Undertaking research can teach you how to find and judge the validity of information from a range of sources, develop the critical thinking skills required for analysis and use a variety of methods to share your findings with others.

Imagine yourself in a big meeting, during which, your managers are going to make important decisions based on your ability to present clear, accurate and concise information. With solid research skills and experiences you will nail this task, without them you might struggle.

Studying can bring networking opportunities

In the world of business, building connections can be as important as developing your product or service. By linking with other people in your industry and with those whom might benefit from what your company has to offer, you will be putting yourself in exactly the right place to understand current trends, learn from experts and build a business, all of which can be a great addition to your list of employability skills.

However, not everybody is initially confident about communicating and working with other people, and training opportunities can help with this. All of our Upskilled online courses build in chances to enhance your communication skills but, if you choose, you can take this further via a business or marketing course with a specific communication focus.

We live in a brain over manual culture

How studying can help you become a standout job candidate

Whilst, in Australia, there will always be a demand and respect for manual skills, increasingly managers are looking for prospective job candidates who have also developed enhanced thinking skills and can show a commitment to education on their resume.

Take the growing number of roles in community services as an example; by 2022 it is predicted that over 63,000 Australians will be involved in this sector and, as well as caring skills, these roles will require a certain level of technological savvy, enhanced recording and reporting skills and an increased level of knowledge regarding health and treatment issues. Studying enhances existing thinking skills and encourages new ones, as well as helping us to find enjoyment in stretching our brains.

Are you thinking of studying a course online?

Studying is a great option in so many ways, not only does opening yourself up to training opportunities allow you to highlight your education on your resume, it also gives you the opportunity to develop employability skills you didn’t know you had. One of the best things about online study is that it doesn’t make you choose between work experience and education.

Online courses are delivered in flexible modules that allow you to study when you have time to and fit your on-going education into your busy day-to-day life. There is an online study opportunity out there to suit you, get in touch today to find out more and start yourself on the path to being a standout job candidate.
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