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Upskilled wins Excellence in Learner Experience award for 2021

By Jana Angeles

We're proud to share that Upskilled has been officially announced as the winner for the Excellence in Learner Experience category for this year's Australian Education and Training Awards empowered by Candlefox.

This is a significant achievement for Upskilled and one that is testament to our aim in providing students with the quality and flexibility offered in our online course programs.

What winning this award means for Upskilled 

Over the last 12 months, we've worked extra hard to provide courses for students looking to upskill, no matter what stage they are in their career. We understand how important it is to provide flexible learning to our students and within the last few years since the pandemic started, we know that the education market has evolved and continues to change as we move forward.

Below are some things that we've been working on to ensure that current and future students get the best learning experience when it comes to online education with Upskilled.

We know that short courses are in-demand

Upskilled has a great range of online short courses now available for professionals looking to upskill in a quicker time frame. We know that many of us value time, so we saw a market for those looking to develop job-ready skills either in a few months or under 20 hours. 

We've got online short courses available in marketing, community services and IT, which is ideal for those looking to enter the workforce or seeking a career change.

We see the value of digital credentials 

Being on LinkedIn can help expand your career opportunities, which is why we now have digital credentials available for our students to share on their social networks. Digital credentials not only help you build your reputation online, but it can actually offer you a leg up in the industry you're in. 

It also means that you can share your expertise and knowledge for those willing to pick your brain for other career opportunities, or exciting projects in the pipeline.

Digital credentials are issued when you successfully complete a qualification and a great way to notify your followers the commitment you have for learning.  

Having a sense of community is important to us 

We've upgraded our Learning Management System (LMS) to Canvas across most of our courses and are proud to highlight the online community forums available to our students. They have the opportunity to connect with others so they can discuss questions about their assessments and buddy up should they need more people to participate in the role-playing aspects of the courses.

Studying online, while it has its flexibility, can feel isolating at times with limited collaboration, so we've made our best efforts to help build a sense of community while you learn online.

Also, we have experienced trainers and a dedicated student support team if you need a helping hand. Upskilled knows that community building produces better results and improves learning experience.

Lifelong learning is what we preach 

Upskilled is passionate about offering lifelong learning opportunities to students of all stages. Whether you're someone after a promotion or one that's pursuing a career change, we have courses available that can equip you with the job-ready skills needed to support your next move.

We understand that many of us are in different life stages but that doesn't mean education becomes less important. Sometimes our initial decisions associated with our careers change over time. 

From this, we have to accept the fact that we too change over time and that we need to take up learning opportunities that help us be the best versions of ourselves at work.

We thrive on flexibility and understand you do too.

We want to make things simple, easy-to-use and accessible to everyone that wants to learn.

Our aim is to help you become job-ready for every career challenge and milestone.

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