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What makes great Business Leaders?

By Vanessa Ciabatti

In the evolving world of commerce, strong leadership isn’t just an asset – it’s the cornerstone of success. From guiding teams to navigating complexities, business and leadership intertwine to shape industries and drive innovation.

With growing job demand and attractive salary packages, these management roles bode exciting career paths for those with the right skills, passion, and resilience. We explore the reasons to pursue courses in Business & Leadership below, and how Upskilled can help you down the road to exceptional leadership.

Why pursue Business & Leadership?

The realm of business management and leadership offers abundant career opportunities with promising financial rewards in Australia. With an average workforce size of approximately 67,400, as reported by Labour Market Insights (LMI) – this industry is poised for robust growth. Projections indicate a strong surge of 9.6%, taking the workforce to an estimated size of 95,700 by 2026.

Glassdoor reveals that the average earnings of a general Australian manager stand at an impressive $205,750 AUD annually, a figure significantly higher than the all-jobs salary average of $40,000 AUD.

Regardless of industry, effective business leadership is a crucial asset. Gallup polls have demonstrated the considerable influence good leaders yield, accounting for up to 70% of the variance in team engagement levels. Engaged teams lead to higher levels of satisfaction, resulting in increased productivity and thus, organisational success.

HCA Mag further underscores the importance of leadership, revealing how more than 72% of Australian workers would consider leaving their job due to subpar management. All this emphasises the profound impact capable leaders can have on workforce morale, retention, and ultimately – the overall health and prosperity of an enterprise.

What skills do employers look for?

According to the AIM Soft Skills survey, Australian business leaders have considered the following skills as most important to the job:
  • Emotional intelligence: high emotional intelligence (EI) is crucial for adeptly managing emotions, recognising others', fostering empathy, and enhancing workplace communication, relationships, and morale. 
  • People management: with people being your core asset, strong people management is a vital skill – allowing you to earn respect, empower workers’ strengths, and foster workplace growth.
  • Mentoring: often viewed as a mutual learning process among effective leaders, mentoring provides workers the support and guidance they need, while also offering insights across diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.
  • Conflict resolution: the skills to productively navigate conflict allows leaders to settle disputes, foster teamwork, and maintain a harmonious work environment.
  • Change management: the ability to navigate change can help guide teams through major business transitions, fostering a more adaptive workforce while mitigating challenges such as staff resistance. 

What personality traits make a “good fit” for the industry?

As outlined by a Gartner survey involving over 860 HR leaders across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region – authenticity, empathy, and adaptivity are key components of “human-centric leadership”, an approach futures leaders must embrace to succeed. This means that establishing genuine, empathic relationships and demonstrating business agility are integral to promoting workplace growth.

Such qualities ultimately foster trust, harmony, and resilience, as well as demonstrate the ability to inspire and lead teams towards a collective goal.

Studying Business & Leadership with Upskilled

Consider yourself a natural leader? Perhaps your future lies in the business management field. 

Those seeking advancement towards business and leadership roles can sharpen their skillset through the many online training courses Upskilled has on offer. With short courses, bootcamps, certificates, and diploma programs available, we offer a variety of flexible learning paths to mould you into the leader your employees deserve.

The benefits of upskilling as a leader or manager

Leadership and management training can help sharpen your competitive edge as a business leader or manager. Companies should consider investing in the right courses and programs for their current leaders, as this equips them for further business growth and innovation. Today’s employees also consider this a key incentive to stay with their current workplace, as they value opportunities for learning and skill development.

Such training not only equips professionals with contemporary skills, but also positions them for digital transformation and the growing challenges of cybercrime prevention. This allows for greater development and adaptability as a company – ultimately leading to greater profits. Training Industry’s research report, businesses witnessed a remarkable 29% ROI within three months of leadership development training, culminating in an impressive annual ROI of 415%. This translates to a $4.15 (USD) return on every dollar invested in training.

Online courses remain a strategic investment in reskilling, and with Upskilled’s comprehensive offerings, individuals can find gateways to new skills as well as explore the various facets of business management. From short courses in popular business frameworks to certificate programs in entrepreneurship, we’ll help you grasp the intricacies of modern leadership and its varying demands.

Pursuing a Business & Leadership course

As discussed, Upskilled currently has a generous selection of business and leaderships courses tailored varying skill levels and interests. These programs can help you progress in your current role by exploring the essentials of team and operational management, and include:
  • BSB40120 – Certificate IV in Business (Leadership): Elevate your leadership skills through this nationally-recognised program on the basics of business management. This course seamlessly merges business and management, nurturing abilities in team leadership, work management, and client relationship-building while enhancing personal skills like effective communication and critical thinking.
  • BSB40120 - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management: This qualification comprises units that have a core focus in workplace relationships and leading and faciliting a team. The skills you can develop from the course can prepare you to work in a variety of settings where you carry out responsibilities as a supervisor or Team Leader.
  • BSB50120 - Diploma of Business If you already have an extensive range of experience in business, but want to boost your skill set so you can work in a wide range of settings, this qualification can provide you the training needed to lead a team and manage their work priorities.
Aside from certificate or diploma-level programs, Upskilled also offers a wide variety of short courses to help you and your organisation to develop your leadership skills. These include our BSBSS00109 - Introduction to Team Management Skill Set SA-000315 – Short Course: Introduction to Leadership & Management and our Short Course in Emotional Intelligence & Personal Wellbeing, offering you that quick soft skills boost you need to advance your career. All programs focus on equipping you with practical, “hands-on” skills instantly applicable to the workplace. 

Flexible payment options are also available for all our qualifications, helping cater to your unique financial needs.

Qualified trainers and industry connections

Upskilled’s leadership courses are helmed by highly-qualified trainers with extensive experience in the business field. Our faculty are dedicated to providing students with all the support and guidance they need throughout their training, including regular “Ask Me Anything” sessions over Zoom where questions regarding assignments, assessments, and course material are encouraged. This additionally offers the opportunity of virtually collaborating and building rapport with your course peers.

Some of these courses are also developed in partnership with leading industry figures, including Xero Education and Simplilearn.

Unlock your leadership potential today!

Climb your way to the top through Upskilled’s comprehensive array of online courses in business and leadership. From bootcamps to diplomas, we’ll help you gain the skills to lead and motivate teams to success. Best of all, with each program delivered online, you can tailor your studies according to your specific pace, location, and scheduling preferences.

Learn to motivate, inspire, and engage teams across industries by enquiring with us on a course today. For an extensive list of our available qualifications, enrolment information, trainer details, and industry insights, visit Upskilled’s Business & Leadership page – your journey to success may just start there.

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