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Why do students prefer online learning?

By Fi Darby

There can be no doubt about it. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Australia’s universities are undergoing a transformation that will send aftershocks years into the future. However,  one clear positive has emerged from this confusion: students are giving the thumbs up to online learning.

Students enjoy online learning experiences

A recent Deloitte study showed that 77% of postgraduate students who studied during COVID-19 preferred digital tools to face-to-face teaching. You’ve probably experienced some of these tools. E-books, online assessments, online communication and even virtual reality are all used in both online and classroom learning with great success. 

Perhaps the most popular aspect of online learning is its flexibility. Bethanie D'Amico who studied CHC51015 - Diploma of Counselling with Upskilled found this approach to her studies useful. She said, "I found that the ability to work at your own pace and move ahead of the group if capable was very appealing as this allowed my busy schedule to be accommodated."

A new level of job market competition job

woman typing on laptop at a cafe

Australia’s job market has been changing for some years and have accelerated from the impact of COVID-19. In June 2020, the rate of unemployment (7.4%) was the highest its been in 21 years (source:McKinsey). This year huge changes in visitor numbers, spending rates and work practices have led to intense competition for jobs. More and more Australians are facing this crisis head on and registering for online training

Over a quarter of all Australians now have a university level degree (source: Statista). Between 2010 and 2019, the percentage of people with a bachelor level qualification or higher rose from 23% to 28%. In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, this trend towards education seems set to continue. Whatever your current level of education, online learning can help your application stand out.

Online learning prepares you for the world of work

Gone are the days when employers saw online learning through a negative lens. Today’s bosses are looking for talented and flexible employees. They’re interested in people who understand how to get the most of online collaboration opportunities. They want personnel who know how to work from home and get a job done independently.

On top of this, the world of work is heading online. Nearly a third of Australians worked from home during the coronavirus lockdown (source: Roy Morgan). They and their employers have now acquired new sets of skills and new, productive ways of working. Top this with the recognised benefits of flexible working, it’s easy to see how online learning could help you prepare for working life.

Online learning evens up the study odds

grandmother working on laptop with grandchild

In our current employment situation it’s even more important for study opportunities to be available for everyone. For example, if you live in a rural, regional or remote area, you're 50% less likely to gain a Bachelor level qualification than someone from a metropolitan area. Online learning, particularly vocational training, is helping to even those odds up.

Online learning is a motivating experience

It’s obvious that motivation is important for any type of learning experience. If you feel motivated by a task, you’ll give it more time and make more effort towards its completion. There is also evidence to suggest motivation has a positive impact on cognitive processing. In other words, being motivated helps you to understand and use information.

If you study an online qualification with Upskilled, you'll be supported by trainers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.  This is where online learning really is a winner. Instead of attending lectures or meetings at set times, you’ll be able to access your studies at a time to suit your schedule.

Abeer Botros studied the 10118NAT - Diploma of Social Media Marketing and she pointed out that online learning can "save time if you're a busy professional" and that "you can be independent in learning things online and doing more research."

Are you ready to embrace the normality of online learning? 

If you're wondering why students have a strong preference for online learning, consider studying an online course with Upskilled. With courses available in business, community services and IT, you can study flexibly and equip yourself with relevant skills and knowledge for your desired career path. 

Get in touch with one of Upskilled's friendly education consultants on 1300 009 924 and enquire today! 
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