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Student Q&A: Andrew Vogal

Business Faculty Student - Leadership and Management

Andrew is from the beautiful border town of Wodonga in Victoria and is an Upskilled student who studied a qualification in leadership and management, an online course that is designed to give students the core leadership skills that are required of managers in today's commercial environment.

Andrew works at the Wilson Transformer Company, a leading specialist in the delivery of transformer solutions, which is one of the largest Australian manufacturers of power and distribution transformers with offices both here and overseas. It’s easy to see that tip-top leadership skills would be imperative to his ongoing career progression. 

Leaders are in high demand 

“From previous experience I have found that quality, well-rounded supervisors and leaders are in high demand,” Andrew explains. “I have also found that when applying for a job at a new company you really need to stand out from the rest of the competition.”

The diploma course Andrew decided to study was a great fit. It teaches students skills such as how to lead and manage effective workplace relationships, personal and professional work priorities and the all-important niche skill of developing a workplace learning environment. “The subjects I have learnt have really helped me in my current management role,” Andrew confirms.

A devotee to life-long learning 

Andrew is no stranger to study. He’s one of those savvy people that understands that learning really is a life-long path. “I have been studying and learning on and off for the past 13 years,” he says, “from when I finished school.” “Once I finished my VCE (the Victorian Year 12 finishing exam) I completed a trade as a boilermaker and electrician. I then moved into some project management and supervision roles.”

The course has a few basic career outcomes, including gaining work as a supervisor, team leader or other managerial role. It also provides pathways to university but Andrew has his sights set on other study. “I would like to move onto a human resources course next,” he says. “I am planning on using my qualification to continually upskill myself. I am always looking to give myself the best chance at a promotion at the company I work at, or to assist and help another employee.”

The online, flexible, self-paced format of studying with Upskilled means that students don’t have to give up their jobs, or pause their important family commitments. “I found it to be an excellent way to study,” Andrew says, “as I could go as hard as I wanted and finish at my own speed. It was flexible with my lifestyle.”

Proving assistance & help with your learning goals 

Upskilled has trained staff that are all experts in their fields. They are able to advise students on which courses might best suit their career and study goals. “The Education Consultants were extremely helpful when applying for the course. The person I spoke with was also studying the same course so he gave me some great insight and what to expect.”

As well as this, Upskilled also works with industry-skilled trainers who assist students with their learning. “My trainer was Christina Baker. I found Christina was always only a phone call away if I needed help. She provided great feedback on my subjects and has helped me with advice about my next career move.”

Upskilled fits in with your life 

In his spare time, Andrew loves to hang out with his young family. “Family is the most important thing to me,” Andrew explains. “I have a very close and supportive family. I love spending time with my two young daughters. On the weekend I normally like to get out for a fish, 4WD or camping.”

Luckily for Andrew and his family, Wodonga has a first-rate recreational dam in its backyard, Lake Hume, a prime keeper of water for irrigation and haven for recreational anglers. Andrew mentions that he enjoyed his experience with Upskilled and is looking forward to the future.

“I have recommended Upskilled to friends and also to our assessors at work. I am looking forward to completing my next course.” Upskilled and the team here wishes Andrew all the success in his career.

Ready to study Leadership and Management?

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