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Student Q&A: Joel Watson

IT Faculty Student - Digital and Interactive Games

Editor's note: Upskilled is no longer offering the ICT40915 - Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games. Please contact us on 1300 009 924 to discuss course options, or explore the range of IT courses available. 

Joel Watson
is an Upskilled student who recently completed the ICT40915 - Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games and ICT50118 - Diploma of Information Technology. Being situated in small town Hervey Bey, South Queensland, he shares with us his experience with studying online, what line of work he is doing now and how he managed to connect with other students during the completion of his Certificate IV. Read his Upskilled story below.

Why did you decide to study both the ICT40915 - Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games and the ICT50118 - Diploma of IT? 

I wanted to study a course that was quick to do, so I chose to study the ICT40915 - Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games. I really enjoyed it, so that’s when I decided to take on the ICT50118 - Diploma of IT. In March, I will be studying a Bachelor’s degree. The courses helped me get into the rhythm of studying.

What work do you do in the course?

Instead of just standardised data processing or Microsoft Word, you’re using programs like Visual Studio. Many major companies use that now when creating games, movies, or any type of animation.

Student Q&A: Joel Watson

So, what got you interested in interactive games? 

I grew up doing animations and short games. I think I enjoy the artistic side of game creation, so that’s why I chose it as a major elective now. It’s also really fascinating.

It’s a popular course and it’s normally chosen by people with existing knowledge anyway.

It’s a good way to get people who are generally interested in technology. It also gives them a chance to use their drawing skills where they can visualise and create something from a piece of paper. The design can then be playable and shared for a particular target audience. The ICT40915 - Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games covers content in IT, social and digital media, animation and modelling. It’s a wonderful course.

Did you find it difficult to complete it online, or did it happen to suit your lifestyle?

I’ll have to say I appreciated it more. I’ve been sick the last few years, so it was a good choice. Studying online allows you to set your own goals and not get distracted by other people’s thoughts and concepts.

With a course like this, there are people out there doing it for various reasons.

I mean, I’ve met people from different backgrounds during this course. Some from visual arts to the logistics industry. How I met them was through the webinars being held for this course. As mentioned before, I think people who want to get into animation or modelling would be interested in studying the course.

Student Q&A: Joel Watson

What are you doing for work now?

I work for a company called Redline Games and we develop online slot machines. I actually got the job based on my Certificate IV. Since the course dealt with Artificial Intelligence, it was impressive to have it listed on my resume. In my opinion, I think it’s a lot harder to do than the ICT40115 - Certificate IV in Information Technology.

Previously, I did programming with Java since I didn’t have the qualifications and I lacked the knowledge of standard programming language. Since the completion of the course, I’m starting to learn other skills in HTML and more. My long-term goal is to be part of an admin situation, or even work with a group of developers down the track.

Any long-term goals?

As for long-term goals, finishing off my degree in IT and eventually, work in a much larger development company where there’s room to grow.

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