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Student Q&A: Kathryn Thuroczy

Business Faculty Student - Logistics

Editor's note: Upskilled no longer offers courses in logistics. Please contact us on 1300 009 924 to discuss other course options. 

*Kathryn completed her course in February 2021

Kathryn Thuroczy is an online Upskilled student, from multicultural Bonnyrigg in New South Wales who is studying the TLI50415 - Diploma of Logistics. “I have been studying with Upskilled for three months now,” the student says. With an interesting job working with Sydney Busues, learning new skills was top of Kathryn’s agenda.

“I think that the best thing about studying the TLI50415 - Diploma of Logistics is discovering something new that I didn't know before,” she says. Logistics is an increasingly popular career area. It covers the detailed organisation and implementation of a complex operation, such as the purchase and delivery of products – an increasingly visible job sector in Australia, due to our unique location and retail environment.

Moving into different logistics job roles 

Kathryn plans on doing something quite directed with her qualification. “I'm trying to progress to a higher paid position,” she explains, “either within the current industry of transportation - or perhaps considering a career move. I might want to move into factory or truck related transport.” Her goals are clear. “I want a bigger and better position,” she says, “and I believe this course will help boost me up to that level.” 

Studying logistics online 

Studying online with Upskilled is a great option for many students, particularly those who lead busy lives, and are already well entrenched in the workforce, such as Kathryn. However, the online format doesn’t come without its challenges, but Kathryn was able to meet all these challenges in her stride.

“It's tough to be motivated,” Kathryn admits. “To do the course and focus on all the reading and viewing material took plenty of time management. Trying to find some ‘quiet time’ in my day was always hard.” “But I found the trick (with online learning) was to not allow myself to be distracted – it’s tough; but I'm getting there.”

logistics student testimonial

New opportunities at work 

Kathryn holds a very interesting job – she works for The State Transit Authority, an agency of the Government of New South Wales, which operates bus services in Sydney. “After school I did a SIT50316 - Diploma of Event Management at TAFE for about two years. Then, I was lucky enough to gain a full-time job straight away.”

“I also did a night course at TAFE to get my security licence. I went through a few jobs and industries before I got a cadetship with my current employer at The State Transit Authority.”

“I decided to do a Certificate III in Frontline Management where the TAFE instructor came to our workplace. I've been very happy here, and I have stayed with the company (but changed roles a few times) and been with Sydney Buses for a total of seven years.” 

Learning from accredited logistics experts 

At Upskilled, despite the courses being delivered primarily online, industry-specialised trainers are allotted to every course, to give students the best learning outcomes they can potentially achieve. “Peter Hedges is my trainer and he is great,” says Kathryn. “I had a few questions when I got stuck and wasn't sure if I was on the right path, and he helped explain the process to me. He reviewed my assignments quickly and gave me good feedback.”

Kathryn leads a very busy life, as well as working full-time in a high-demand role, she also has a young family to take care of.  “I spend all my spare time with my hubby and two kids – they’re aged 1 and 3,” Kathryn says. “I like to take them to the park on the weekends and seeing them happy makes me happy - and most importantly - it helps me forget about my work, and general stress!”

Studying online with Upskilled 

So, would Kathryn recommend Upskilled? “Yes, I would!” she says. “Upskilled has definitely helped me progress my career. I wasn't able to consider further studies because of the costs involved - but with Upskilled’s monthly payment plan it's helped me.” Upskilled has teamed up with Zip to offer students the opportunity to pay for their course with flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly interest free payment plans. This ensures courses are accessible to everyone.

What else did Kathryn enjoy about studying  TLI50415 - Diploma of Logistics online with Upskilled? “I really loved all the resources, helpful links and access to LinkedIn Learning video tutorials. These helped me complete the assessments effectively and with great understanding.” As for future goals, Kathryn is very clear. “I hope once I've completed my course that I will get that promotion or find that new job that will really help boost my career.”

Ready to start your career in Logistics?

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