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Student Q&A: Jeffrey Muscat

BSB50618 - Diploma of Human Resources Management

Human Resources
Jeffrey Muscat completed the BSB50618 - Diploma of Human Resources Management with Upskilled, and while he had experience working in the field of HR, he had the desire to expand his knowledge and skills. Doing this course gave him the opportunity to recognise how important it was to keep learning and growing in today's modern workplace. 

In this Q&A, Jeffrey shares more about his day-to-day duties as a National Sales HR Coordinator, the skills and knowledge he developed from the course and his advice to students thinking about studying HR. 

Can you share some of the reasons why you decided to study the BSB50618 - Diploma of Human Resources Management?

My role was changing at work from the National Store Operations Manager to the National Sales HR Coordinator. Although I did a lot of HR functions in the operations role, I thought it was important to expand my knowledge in HR to ensure I’d be able to do the role to the best of my ability. I’m always looking to expand my skills, which is important in today's workplace. 

Could you tell us more about your job as National Sales HR Coordinator and how completing this course has helped you with your role?

My role looks after all HR areas for the entire sales team, which includes 110 staff in our company-owned stores network and the on-the-road sales teams. This makes up more than half the employees in the business. The course helped give myself and other employees more confidence in my abilities to perform the role. It has assisted in giving me a better understanding of where HR can help other employees in the business. human resources concept

You have a strong background in business and leadership. What made studying this course a unique experience?

It has been many years since I’ve taken on any major structured study like this course so it was a good challenge. It was also good to collaborate with other employees at work and have them involved in some of the assessments.

What skills and knowledge have you developed from the course?

A clearer understanding of HR roles in the workplace, ways to improve the performance management process, that HR crosses across all parts of a business, better ways to the recruitment process and a better understanding of Fair Work and legislation

How did your trainer support you throughout your studies?

Peter Gitsham was always available whenever I had a question or was unsure about any of the subject matter. He always responded back in a timely manner to any questions I had. His feedback to my assessments was always honest and his positive feedback was always welcomed.  people waiting in line for a job interview

What makes the HR industry so interesting?

As mentioned in an earlier comment, the HR industry is interesting as it crosses over many parts of a business and deals with people, which does make the role challenging but also very rewarding. 

Any advice you’d like to share to students thinking about studying HR? 

My advice is not only aimed at HR studies but online studies in general. It’s very important to ensure you have some consistency - what I mean by that is to have structure to the amount of time you study each day. 

I’m a morning person so I would get up early and get through some of the study in the morning prior to starting my workday. Have a good filing system where you can access any of your information you’ve saved quickly and easily. 

My final suggestion is get other people in your workplace involved, talk to other people, ask questions and get feedback from others that are in the field of HR.  

Expand your knowledge and skills in HR 

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