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Student Q&A: Karly Stephens

IT Faculty Student - Information Technology and Strategic Management

Editor's note: Upskilled is no longer offering the ICT80115 - Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management. Please contact us on 1300 009 924 to discuss other course options, or look at the range of IT courses available.

Karly Stephens recently completed the ICT80115 - Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management with Upskilled. Prior to this, she also studied the ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of IT and she managed to successfully complete qualifications while working full-time.

However, she felt like she was stagnating in terms of her job as a network administrator and decided to take the plunge in starting her own business. In completion of her graduate certificate, it gave her a newfound confidence and useful skills she could immediately apply, making the transition from employee to business owner much easier.

In this Q&A, Karly shares her experience about studying with Upskilled, how the graduate certificate equipped her with useful skills and what makes the IT field so exciting. 

Why did you decide to study the ICT80115 - Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management?

In the last few years, I’ve been able to complete a Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma while working full-time in the IT industry. When the Grad Certificate was available through Upskilled, it was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge once again. During the course, I was able to learn more about the business analysis and management side of IT

One of the reasons for studying this course was to help with my ambition to create my own company with more confidence and qualifications. Verafire Technical Solutions was created a few weeks after I graduated and the skills I received from the course has been monumental in the transition from employee to business owner.

How does this course relate to your job? Did this qualification help you develop skills that were relevant to your current responsibilities?

I was a network administrator who assisted in the management of IT such as change management and project management. As I knew there was nowhere for me to grow in my current workplace, the course helped expand my knowledge in areas I needed to pursue a different job path. Not only were the skills I acquired helpful at the time but the course has been a great asset for the new business. IT professionals working together

You’ve studied with Upskilled before and completed an ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of IT. What helped you successfully complete both your graduate and advanced diploma qualifications?

The flexibility and to go at my own pace were really important to me. When I completed an assessment, I could go straight onto the next with the information fresh in my mind. I was able to push myself to complete work before it was due, which gave myself a buffer if I was to ever fall behind due to my job’s workload.

How did your trainer support you throughout the course?

My trainers were always there when I needed support. I was able to email them when I hit a road bump and received a prompt reply to get back on track. It was easy for me to email anytime and to have a solution in writing made it easy to refer back to when I had time to continue my studies. 

What aspects of the graduate certificate course did you find enjoyable?

I found the Manage IT Services unit the most interesting as I had previously dabbled in this area for my job. It’s a large part of my new business, which has given me the confidence when needing to create business projects for clients that meet the needs of their organisation, as well as service level agreements for continued protection and monitoring support. IT concept

What makes the IT industry so exciting?

The diversity of the industry. I’ve always worked in the networking and security area, but you can learn so many different aspects of IT. It’s an industry that is always changing, which is why I’ve always pushed myself to learn more either through a certification or just by keeping up today with leading vendors. New technologies are being developed on a daily basis and there is never a time in IT where you know everything.

In the future, what short-term and long-term goals do you hope to achieve? 

Because of the graduate certificate, it has enabled me to build my own company with more confidence. As my skills have already come in handy, it has been a great feeling to know the effort I put into completing the course has already paid off. 

Want to boost your knowledge and skills in the IT field?

If you're as ambitious as Karly and want to make an impact in the IT industry, consider studying the ICT80115 - Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management with Upskilled.

In this course, you will learn how to facilitate business analysis and integrate sustainability in the planning and design of ICT projects. You will also be trained to manage various ICT services while also developing project and change management skills.

The course is delivered online and can be completed within 12 months. If you're interested in this course, get in touch with Upskilled on 1300 009 924 and learn how this qualification can help you further progress in your IT career. 

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