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Student Q&A: Naveed Akhtar

IT Faculty Student - Information Technology Support

Please note: Upskilled no longer offers the course in Information Technology Support but the equivalent qualification, ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support) is now available for study. To express your interest, contact our team on 1300 009 924. 

Naveed Akhtar recently completed his studies with Upskilled undertaking a course in Information Technology Support. Working as an Australian Public Servant, he wanted to combine his business experience with some IT skills and he thought it was the perfect opportunity to build his knowledge in the industry as a way to expand his career opportunities at his current workplace and beyond.

In this Q&A, Naveed shares why he chose to study with Upskilled, the benefits of online studying and the valuable skills he has managed to develop since completing his course in IT support. 

Why did you choose to study Information Technology Support?

I chose to study the Information Technology Support because of the current competitive market opportunities in IT support and future developments. Secondly, the market is very stable and there are many future projects that are going to be available in this field. So, it was my personal decision to pursue it. 

What skills and knowledge have you developed from the course?

I've developed a basic understanding in IT support, hardware and software knowledge, health and safety in IT support and state laws of IT. On top of that, I've acquired better IT infrastructure skills, IT communication, hardware networking, communication network, health and safety, state laws to understand the IT infrastructure and working.  IT concept

What are you doing for work now? How has this course helped you?

Currently, I'm working as an Australian Public Servant. With this additional knowledge, I have an opportunity to excel in the IT field within my current company. It also helps me to improve my skillset and prepare me for upcoming opportunities.

Can you tell us the benefits of online studying? 

Online study is very helpful, especially if you have fixed or flexible hours of working. You can also manage your assessments and projects more easily with online study compared to doing it on-campus. 

Online education provides students more time to research and better focus on their studies. It also gives them a chance to use the online learning management system and improve their understanding on how it works. In my opinion, online study is one of the best opportunities for students to work and study at the same time.

Why did you choose to study with Upskilled?

I chose to study with Upskilled because of its reputation and the wide selection of courses it has on offer. They have a better platform to support students to study online. Their trainers are experts in their field and the courses offered.

They also have one of the best student support services for administration-related issues and they also support students in finishing the course in due time. It's one of the best institutes that has advanced courses to be offered and latest technology to learn.  man looking at laptop and smiling

Now that you've completed the course, what's next for you?

To further develop myself in IT and to merge that experience with a business degree. I've already worked in business and wanted to learn the latest in IT. This is the reason why I chose Upskilled because I wanted to study an IT course to help upgrade my skills in the IT sector. Nowadays, it's required to at least have some basic knowledge of new technology. There are also plenty of opportunities to work in the IT and commercial sectors. 

Any advice you'd like to share to future students thinking about studying the course?

I would recommend students to choose Upskilled for better learning and choices of courses - whether they want to study commercial, technical or any other field. They provide a great platform to learn and develop skills that could help you secure a better job in the future. Particularly those who are interested in learning IT, you'll have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses and learn the latest technology techniques. 

Interested in software troubleshooting and hardware?

If you're like Naveed and want to build a career in IT support, consider studying Systems Administration Support with Upskilled. To enquire about the course or any other IT qualification, get in touch with Upskilled on 1300 009 924. 

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