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  • What career outcomes can a Social Media Short Course help me achieve?


Social Media Short Courses

To become a social media professional, individuals need to keep up with the trends of the digital space, have a creative eye, be organised and technically-savvy. The social media field provides plenty of opportunity for growth, with most social media marketers pursuing mid-level to managerial positions as they build their experience and skills. Working in social media is well-suited for individuals who enjoy working autonomously, love working with technology and are results-driven.


Social Media Specialist

A Social Media Specialist is employed to maintain a client’s image online, devise marketing strategies to be implemented through social networking sites and foster customer engagement. They need the skills to devise and produce social media content, mitigate negative feedback, monitor metrics regarding audience engagement and develop customer outreach programmes.


Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers coordinate social media activity and assist in the development of digital marketing campaigns. They oversee the work of others to create, execute and analyse digital media campaigns in line with company requirements.


Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategists design and implement marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns for medium to large companies. They may be employed within a variety of industries. One of their main job responsibilities is to provide expertise relating to social media and marketing, advertising and promotions and engage with customers and clientele via a variety of social media platforms.


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