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  • What career outcomes can a CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling help me achieve?


CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling


Counsellors work with individuals who are going through mental health issues and trauma, providing them the support needed to improve their wellbeing. They are professionals who generally work with individual clients, couples or small groups and encourage people to communicate their feelings and emotions openly. Having counselling skills is also beneficial for individuals working in helping professions such as teaching, healthcare or HR.

Family Support Worker

A family support worker is assigned to at-risk clients through governmental or social service agencies. They assess the needs of the family, help resolve issues and promote wellbeing, human rights and social justice. They give assistance to families facing social problems and act as a liaison between them and different government organisations.


Counsellors give talking therapy to help people deal with emotional issues or difficulties. They work face-to-face with individual clients, couples or small groups. Counsellors encourage clients to talk about their feelings and emotions and provide support with issues related to these.

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