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How to build the most in-demand skills

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Setting yourself up for career success involves plenty of passion, experience, and of course – the latest in-demand skills to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s mastering a new technology or honing in on a specialty, keeping your skillset up to date can help you fast-track your path to that dream role or position. 

Below, we explore how you can gain the sought-after technical skills Australian employers seek – and how training with Upskilled can help. 

How does learning in-demand technical skills help boost my resume?

 Arming yourself with in-demand technical skills not only bolsters your value as a qualified employee, but can also help demonstrate initiative, ambition, and adaptability among potential employers. 

Keeping your resume up-to-date with sought-after skillsets proves your willingness to continuously learn and grow in your industry. It also keeps you competitive, ensuring your knowledge stays sharp and on top of new job market trends. While experience and practical training are invaluable, pairing these with the latest recognised certifications can also help further verify your skills – granting you an edge among your peers in the field. 

Lastly, an updated resume with in-demand tech skills can help you secure your career options in an increasingly digital landscape. With the OECD estimating around 36% of Australian jobs to be at risk of automation, it pays to continuously upskill in the latest IT tools and software. Basic programming, cloud computing, and data analytics are just a few areas expected to form mandatary skill requirements for the future. 

According to Hays, other non-IT technical skills in demand for 2022 include project management, communications, and talent acquisition.  

What options do I have for learning new technical skills for the future?

Online courses 

Training and education are the most effective pathways for building the technical skills you need; but you don’t have to invest in a fully-fledged, on-campus university experience.

Plenty of online courses are available to help you explore new skills, gain practical experience, and learn from industry professionals while having the flexibility to study at a place and schedule that suits you best. Such options are particularly beneficial for those currently employed and tending to existing work commitments. 

Not only are there online courses for the most currently in-demand skills – they also come in a variety of skill levels (i.e. bootcamps, short courses, certificates, diplomas, etc.) helping cater to your current level of expertise.

Upskilled is an online training provider that offers such course options, with programs spanning across popular skills areas such as coding, data analysis, project management, and more. 

Make use of online resources and platforms

Along with online training programs are the vast number of online communities catering to various rising sectors and industries. Aspiring programmers, for example, have websites such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hackernoon; open online hubs that allow coders (both starting or professional) to share tips, answer questions, and discuss popular industry topics.

Project managers have the advantage of LinkedIn groups such as the PRINCE2 Practitioners and The Project Management to network and learn from other industry professionals. These spaces provide a convenient option for getting in touch with other experts and staying on top of industry trends, helping you keep your knowledge fresh and current. 

On top of social media platforms and forums, professionals of any field also have the benefit of free online tutorials or guides, helping them get a starting feel of new skill areas they wish to explore. 

Learn from industry peers or veterans

Working closely with an experienced, fellow professional is a great way to help sharpen your technical skills and acquire personalised career advice.

Mentors are often recommended for those wishing to advance their role, as they offer practical guidance on how to improve and gain a competitive edge in your current field. While their expertise isn’t focused on helping you build the technical skills you need per se – their efforts function as a complimentary boost to the soft skills and motivation necessary in optimising your newfound knowledge.

Online communities are also an effective way of learning from industry peers. By broadening your network, you may also find yourself participating in collaborative online projects, helping you further build on your technical skill experience. By working with people from varying organisations and fields of expertise, you may even gain insider knowledge on rising skill demands and technologies. 

Pursue new workplace opportunities

For those already employed, building new technical skills can start in your current role.

When you can, try and pursue new projects, tasks, or responsibilities that may pop up in your organisation. This gives you a chance to stretch out of your comfort zone and explore new skill areas that could add (or even evolve) your current role. Not only will this benefit your experience, but it also positions you as having the proactive, willing attitude valuable among employers.

Those not employed may wish to undertake new personal projects of their own or even hone new technical skills through internship opportunities. Here, you’ll have the chance to further build your practical experience, expand your network, and learn from knowledgeable professionals. 

How do I choose the right in demand technical skills for myself? 

Selecting the right technical skills for yourself will come down to your industry and the specific roles you hope to advance your career. 

Take the time to consider your current interests or strengths – are you hoping to simply enhance or evolve abilities you already have, or are you looking to dive into a completely new skills area? The former may simply lead you to specialise in your current profession, while the latter may lead you to new field altogether. 

Stay proactive in building your career skills by keeping up to date on the emerging trends and demands of your industry. As mentioned, networking with online communities and industry peers are a great way for staying in the know – though it also pays to do your own personal research through books, industry publications, and conference events. 

Finally, try to focus on enhancing your digital abilities when necessary. With rising technologies and automation, technical IT skills are bound to stay in demand and can help “future-proof” your career path for years to come. 

Looking to advance or step foot in the workforce?

Upskilled offers a diverse selection of online training courses – from sought-after skills in IT to specialities in business management – helping you gain the skillset you need to stay in-demand and competitive in today’s job market. Best of all, each of these programs are delivered online – helping you train at a time, place, and pace that suits your personal needs best.

Give your resume the boost it needs, and enquire with us on a course today. 


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