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The future of digital work: top careers where you can work from anywhere!

By Fi Darby

If the COVID pandemic showed us anything, it was that work culture can change far more radically and quickly than we ever thought possible. The working from home trend has shifted the job landscape. As we move into the future, this time of rapid transition continues to gather strength. According to a survey by Ivanti, 71% of office workers and IT professionals would value the opportunity to work from anywhere over the prospect of a promotion. We take a look at the top careers that allow you to work remotely, from home or anywhere you choose.

What are the best careers that allow you to work from anywhere?

If you’re thinking about swapping to a career that you can work from anywhere, you’re not alone. The great resignation saw 13% of Australian employees 1 quitting their jobs in the second half of 2021. Despite some employer concerns about productivity, costs and coordination, the demand for talent that has resulted from this has put workplace flexibility right at the top of the business agenda.

Not all jobs are work from home jobs and not all companies are allowing work from anywhere but if you have the right skills, there are career opportunities out there. Here are three great ideas.

Social media and marketing manager

Social media and marketing managers lead and advise on marketing strategy. Their role includes identifying marketing opportunities, designing and implementing campaigns and meeting sales targets. With its online work-from-anywhere approach, this job role is a popular choice for people looking for a lifestyle that includes flexibility and travel. It's worth remembering that marketing can be an all-hours job so you might need to be good at managing home distractions.

If you’re already experienced with social media, Upskilled’s Diploma of Social Media Marketing will develop your skillset and give you an advantage in this competitive but rewarding sector. With units on social media strategy, brand development and marketing communication, this course will put you in a good position to start attracting your first clients. Job roles in a range of marketing fields are expected to grow strongly in the years to 2026.

Web developer

Because today’s websites are so interactive, web developers are often also multimedia specialists. Their work can be very creative but includes more serious topics such as website hosting, computer coding and digital security. If you fancy life as a digital nomad, this role would be perfect as it is entirely technology based. Watch out for overwork and burnout though, with such a creative job it is easy to miss out on much needed breaks. The number of jobs in web development in Australia is expected to grow strongly in the years to 2026.

To get you started on your remote web development career, why not enrol in Upskilled’s ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web Development). This 12-18 month online course includes units on managing cyber security risks, configuring cloud services and applying introductory programming techniques.

Business manager

Business managers make sure their organisations meet targets, run smoothly and stick to schedules. Delayed communications and reduced face-to-face contact might present a few issues if you’re working remotely in this role but the lack of opportunity for unhelpful micromanagement will be a big advantage. The number of jobs in management in Australia is expected to grow strongly in the years to 2026.

If you would like business management to be in your work-from-anywhere future, Upskilled’s BSB50120 Diploma of Business (Leadership) includes units on leading communication in the workplace, managing business resources and supporting team effectiveness.

What are the benefits of online work from anywhere?

Working from anywhere isn’t without its challenges. For example, it does rely on you having the right equipment and software as well as a good internet connection, it is a fabulous option if you want to travel or have more time at home but might be more difficult if you work best surrounded by other people. Here are a few benefits of online work from anywhere that you might not have thought of.

  • You’ll spend less time and money on commuting
  • You might not need to pay out so much on childcare
  • You could be working with people all over the world
  • You’ll be able time fitness activities to suit you
  • You might achieve new level of job satisfaction
  • You’ll feel more relaxed and creative

How do you adapt to remote work?

How you adapt to working remotely will depend partly on where you want your workplace to be. If you’re planning to spend the majority of your time in a home office, it makes sense to create a dedicated workspace that will give you some privacy from family life. If you’re planning to travel while working, your investment might need to be in portable equipment.

Wherever you choose to work, you’ll need to develop a set of transferable skills that will support your new lifestyle. Digital communication skills will be really important if you don’t want to feel isolated but so will the ability to organise your time and keep motivated. Most crucially you’ll need to learn how to adapt when things don’t quite go to plan, a flexible life is an exciting one that will almost certainly keep you on your toes.

Join the work-from-anywhere workforce

Swapping to a work-from-anywhere career is becoming easier in many industries but it still requires a bit of thought and planning. Lots of people want to do it so the competition is high. One way to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd is to invest some time in one of Upskilled’s nationally recognised online courses. With flexibility built in and a wide range of subjects on offer, we’re sure you’ll find something to help you on the way to your exciting work-from-anywhere future.

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