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How an online course can complement your degree

By Jana Angeles

Do you already have a university degree under your belt? Are you after a qualification that supplements well with your existing skills and knowledge? If you’ve answered yes to the following questions, you may benefit from studying an online course.

While a university degree has been known to be a prestigious award for many of us, you’re probably itching to study again after a couple of years working in your field. You may want a flexible mode of studying because you don’t want to give up working full-time as you have bills to pay for and want to be the main decision-maker when it comes to your study schedule.

Whatever you decide, there are plenty of positives that come with studying an online course, especially if you consider choosing a reputable online course provider like Upskilled. By expanding your knowledge and skills in an online qualification, this could work to your benefit when it comes to your career. 

SkillsTalk go over some of the reasons why an online course can complement your existing university degree

How does an online course complement your degree?

  1. Shows career movement.
  2. You can gain practical skills relevant to the workplace.
  3. Adds to your expertise.

1. Shows career movement.

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If making moves in your career is important and you feel quite stagnant in your current job lately, studying a qualification can help with your career progress. By developing new skills and knowledge, you can use this opportunity to your advantage as it can be a great pathway to move up the ranks when it comes to your career. 

Julio Hablutzel studied the BSB41515 - Certificate IV in Project Management Practice with Upskilled because he wanted to develop his career after spending 20 years as a Senior Quality Systems Specialist. After he completed the course, he updated his resume and applied for the role of Quality Management Systems Analyst and was successful in his job application.

Julio says, “I knew that studying would do the trick for me as in the past, every time I completed a substantial course, I ended up in a new job with a better salary and growing responsibilities.”

Perhaps you’re after a promotion and want a significant pay rise, or you simply have the desire to do something that is completely different to your role. Either way, studying a qualification shows movement and it can help you standout when it comes to your job search, showing your willingness to keep learning and growing as a professional. 

2. You can gain practical skills relevant to the workplace.

A university degree is rigorous in its approach when it comes to presenting theoretical concepts, and this is both a benefit and a drawback. While a degree has its perks of being more specialised and provides you with an all-rounded knowledge in a particular area of study, you may have studied subjects that aren’t relevant to your specific job role.

When you look at the VET education sector, you’ll find that the qualifications on offer have a more practical approach in its delivery, designed to help you develop the relevant skills and knowledge to undertake the jobs related to the course.

Rebecca Quick is one of Upskilled’s alumni students who successfully completed the SIT50316 - Diploma of Event Management while juggling both work and her university studies. She chose to study a subject in university that touched on the fundamentals of events but she wanted to explore the industry even further. This is when she decided to study a diploma course to supplement her existing knowledge. 

She says, “Sometimes, tertiary learning can be more theoretical, but my course at Upskilled gave me practical skills to be able to apply them in the real world.

In my final assessment, I had everything I would ever need to be able to plan the most complex event and I knew having these skills would make me much calmer when faced with a task. It really does give you the confidence and not just having a vague idea.”

One of the definite upsides of studying a VET course is its distinctive feature of being more practical than a university degree, so if you prefer a “hands-on” approach when it comes to your studies, you may want to consider studying an online course with Upskilled. 

3. Adds to your expertise.

silhouettes of professionals

Have you ever admired those professionals who have successfully completed qualifications over the years? Wondering how they make time to fit in study during their busy schedule? It’s not rocket science to know that studying can add to your expertise, especially if your degree is non-related to the VET course you’re contemplating on doing. 

However, the knowledge you’ve gained from said qualifications can help boost your credentials and make you a sought-after candidate when it comes to potential employers

Annie Rose studied the BSB40515 & BSB42015 - Dual Certificate IV in Business Administration and Leadership and Management with Upskilled. Working as a Systems Administrator for the Records Unit within the Government, she was looking for an effective way to expand her skills and knowledge, so undertaking studying seemed to be the answer. 

She says, “The certificates have helped me better communicate and provide assistance to staff and other team members in my unit. They have also helped improve my general administrative skills such as minute taking, planning and understanding budgets.”

Studying has plenty of benefits and can help promote career growth if that’s what you’re after. It can also greatly enhance your skillset since all the knowledge you develop from the course can enable you to apply these concepts at work. 

Keep learning with Upskilled

Studying online means you can enjoy the freedom of creating your own study schedule that works with your current work and personal responsibilities. With over 80 qualifications to choose from, Upskilled can help you reach your study goals in business, community services and IT. Get in touch with the team and make a course enquiry by calling 1300 009 924 and see how further study can benefit your career today. 
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