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Online learning pathways into tech jobs

By Fi Darby

With job roles such as database administrator, ICT support engineer and ICT security specialist all predicting growth of over 38% in the months to November 2026, it’s easy to see why the professional and technical training industry in Australia is continuing to boom.

This is a great time to get tech savvy and build the skills for Australia's future but choosing the right technical training program has never been more important. We have the low-down on finding IT courses for beginners and why online technical courses might be just what you’re looking for.

How do I choose the right technical training institute in Australia?

With so many different tech training programs on offer, it can be tricky to select the option that's exactly right for you. There are plenty of considerations to think about but it might be easier to simplify these to two main needs.
  1. A tech training school that will deliver the skills your next tech job or job role requires.
  2. A learning format that will suit your circumstances and cost capacity.
Before you start your search for tech courses, ask yourself the questions below.
  • Am I prepared to move home and change my job to gain tech skills?
  • Do I have the entry requirements required for a university degree course?
  • Have I got time to commit to a full-time technology training course?
  • Am I free to study on the same days and at the same times each week?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’ then a traditional in-person course may not be the right choice for you. But that’s not a problem because modern online technical skills training is just as effective as any you’ll experience at university or even in TAFE. In fact, many employers will tell you that online tech training courses deliver motivated, high-quality and well-trained candidates.

If you live a busy lifestyle, are keen to stay in your current role for now, or want to avoid unnecessary travel and disruption, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s never been easier to access high quality, nationally recognised online IT training.

Distance learning is now of such high quality that many employers give it equal value to a university education. As well an impressive new skillset, candidates who have completed tech training online can also demonstrate self-motivation and the ability to be an independent learner. Both of these are invaluable skills in a rapidly-evolving industry like technology.

You might even suggest that online learning is the secret to career success and job satisfaction.

Are online tech training courses just as good as traditional ones?

Technical training in Australia has undergone a sea change over the last decade, and online software training courses are now both sophisticated and effective. Here are just three of the ways online tech courses can match, or even better traditional university or TAFE ones.
  1. Online technology training is often delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), who can offer nationally accredited courses and qualifications that are recognised across Australia. These courses are aligned to AQF (Australian Quality Framework) qualification standards, which uphold our high levels of education.
  2. If you choose to do your technology training online, you won’t need to quit your job, travel long distances or even ignore your family to complete your qualification. Within the structure of the course, you’ll be able to create your own work schedule, which can be as flexible as you need it to be.
  3. Online training can often be less expensive than location-based training. Even if actual course costs are similar, if you have to travel to tech classes, you’ll need to factor in regular transportation costs as well as any other additional expenses such as child-minding or meals away from home. Studying at home can often save as much money as working from home.

How do I find the best accredited tech training programs?

When you’re looking for a technical training program, you need to make sure any courses you’re considering have undergone accreditation by the ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority). This will mean they are nationally recognised by both employers and other training organisations.

By completing a nationally recognised course, you will be able to include your new qualification with confidence on your resume, as well as use it to help you access further study should you wish to do so.

In Australia, we have very high standards of further and higher education. Only registered training organisations like Upskilled can deliver online accredited courses. All nationally recognised training and recognised training organisations are listed on the National Qualifications Register.

Upskilled have plenty of accredited courses for you to choose from including a Diploma of Information Technology (Cloud Computing) ICT50220 and Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) ICT40120.

Ready to start your career in tech? 

If you’re new to the tech industry and looking for an information technology course for beginners, you might like to consider a short course  to give you a taster of what a longer program of training would feel like.

Upskilled offers an Entry to Tech Skill Set ICTSS00109 short course, which will help build your confidence and develop some basic ICT skills. For a taste of more specialist technical skills, we also offer an exciting range of specific bootcamps with live virtual learning, including Cyber Security Professional and Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

Across all of Australia’s industries, employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of employee training and development, especially when it comes to professional and technical training. Whether you’re looking for an exciting and inspirational career change, or are just starting out on your career journey, find out more about Upskilled’s extensive range of accredited courses, short courses and online bootcamp programs by chatting to our team today.

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