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3 short online courses to kickstart your management career

By Ben Madden

If you’re someone that’s a natural leader, then a career as a manager may be up your alley. However, developing the skills that make you an excellent manager may require some further study. If you’re looking to become the best manager you can be, then completing an online course may make a lot of sense. 

We’ve taken a look at three short online courses that can help you take the next step towards a career as a manager, including why management courses can be very effective and useful! 

What skills can you learn from short online management courses?

If you’re looking to start a management career, there are a range of both soft and hard skills that you’ll want to develop. An excellent way to develop these skills is through completing a short online management course, so you can study while still attending to your other commitments. 

Upskilled offers a range of management courses, including short courses on leadership and management, project management and advanced leadership and management.

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In the short course on leadership and management, you’ll learn:
  • How to be a strong influence on the performance of your team members
  • How to reflect your workplace’s culture, values and ethics in your management style
  • How to communicate effectively in the workplace
  • How to prioritise tasks in an efficient and organised manner

In the short course on project management, you’ll learn:
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of time management throughout a project, including adhering to a schedule
  • How to provide support to your team when they’re looking to apply project scope management techniques
  • How to enhance project outcomes and create continuous improvement through effective planning

In the short course on advanced leadership and management, you’ll learn:
  • How to create a team that instils a positive culture
  • How to learn effective communication skills in the workplace
  • How to gain confidence in your problem-solving skills 
  • How to build and support working relationships
  • How to improve your decision-making skills 

Each course will also give you the chance to work on your ability to complete your role autonomously, improve your strategic thinking and planning and enhance your collaborative skills. 

Upskilled’s courses focus on providing practical, job-ready skills that are tested through practical assessments, giving you the confidence to take those skills and apply them in the workplace as soon as you successfully complete the training.

What are the career outcomes after completing a short online management course?

  1. Business Manager.
  2. Team Leader.
  3. Team Supervisor.
  4. Consultant
There are a range of career outcomes that can follow the completion of a short online management course. Each outcome will depend on your personality, as well as what areas/s of management are most appealing to you. Keep in mind that some of these career outcomes may require further study and experience. 

1. Business Manager. 

Business Managers supervise and lead a company’s workforce, as well as refining and improving operations. As part of this role, you’ll look to implement and overhaul business strategies, supervise and mentor employees who may be looking for extra support, as well as evaluating the performance of both the company and the workplace.

2. Team Leader. 

team shaking hands

As a Team Leader, you’ll be more hands-on with your team, helping them to become the best versions of themselves. Team leaders help the members of their department to achieve their personal and professional goals, while also supporting the growth of the business. It’s a role that suits people who are interested in leadership and want to foster positive workplace cultures. 

3. Team Supervisor. 

Working in the role of a Team Supervisor means you’ll need to ensure that the employees you’re in charge of meet the expectations that have been set by the business. Your job will be to do everything possible to help their performance meet and exceed the business’s needs, and strong organisational and communication skills are a must. 

4. Consultant. 

Finally, if you want to become a Consultant, then you’ll work to use your project management skills to lead a team to achieve business outcomes. In this role, you’ll look to bring your unique expertise to a business to help them successfully execute major undertakings while empowering the team you’re leading to fulfil their duties.

How to enrol in a short online management course

Enrolling in a short online management course, or indeed any short course, couldn’t be easier. If you’re looking to enrol in one of Upskilled’s courses, you’ll need to fill out an enquiry form on our website. 

You’ll be asked to include contact details, which means that one of our Education Consultants can get in touch. Our Education Consultants are available to help assess your suitability for the course you want to enrol in, and will ask questions about your professional background, as well as give you the chance to ask any questions about further study. 

Looking to take the next step towards a career in management, or just want to diversify your skillset? Upskilled can help.

Upskilled provides a range of nationally recognised qualifications in a variety of industries that can help you climb the career ladder. You can learn more about Upskilled’s offerings here, and if you have any more questions, reach out to one of our Education Consultants!

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