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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Career in Tech in 2022

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

With our world growing more digital each year, it’s no surprise tech jobs have experienced a boom in both demand and popularity. Australia, in particular, is currently grappling with a growing shortage in digital skills – boding plenty of career opportunities for those looking to enter the field in the next half-decade. 

Below, we break down the varying career pathways the Tech industry has to offer, the benefits of entering this rapidly expanding field, and how to land your ideal IT profession this 2022. 

What types of careers are there in technology? 

As an industry of new ideas and constant development, there’s no shortage of unique, innovative, and rewarding career paths in the field of tech. Such areas of employment include (though are not limited to): 
  • Programming and software development. Those in this sector are tasked with designing, developing, and maintaining computer programs for business or customer use. These could include mobile applications, multimedia players, operating systems, games, and database software, among others.
  • Cyber security. A field experiencing sharp growth and high demand, cyber security is focused on protecting computer systems and online platforms from digital threats or hackers. With cyber-crimes growing exponentially each year, employers are seeking out security specialists more than ever. 
  • Cloud computing. To save on physical equipment expenses, plenty of modern businesses have now transitioned to “the cloud”: computer resources available on the internet. As demand for cloud services grows, so does the demand for cloud computing professionals – experts dedicated to the development and maintenance of such platforms.
  • Data analytics. Research estimates that we produce over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day – information that can be used to improve businesses and existing technologies. Data scientists and analysts are thus growing in demand, as employers seek out professionals with the skills to collect, organise, and extract meaningful insights from the data we generate. 
  • IT support. Tech support specialists are like the oil that keeps the gears of IT running; they ensure all systems, networks, hardware, and software are working as intended, and provide users with the assistance they need on any technical issues that may arise. As long as our reliance on tech systems exists, so will our need for IT support professionals.

What are the benefits of working in the tech industry? 

Australia is currently facing a growing shortage in IT skills, with our landscape needing 6.5 million extra digital workers by 2026 to keep pace with rising demand. This means plenty of employment opportunities for those looking to enter the industry – with many employers willing to pay competitive salary packages. 

According to Labour Market Insights, those in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (which include roles in IT) earn an average of $1,500 AUD per week, a rate higher than the all industries average of $1,200 AUD. 

Due to the digital nature of many tech roles, professionals will find plenty of opportunities for flexible work. This includes the option to work from home (whether full-time or part-time), as plenty of sectors typically only require a working computer and stable internet connection to carry out their tasks. This flexibility extends to many training options available in the IT field, plenty of which are now offered through all-online platforms – such as those provided by Upskilled.

How to kickstart your career in tech 

Align your skills and interests to the right IT field

Consider yourself an analytical person? Got a flair for creative tasks? Perhaps you enjoy challenging yourself through logical problem-solving? Whatever your interests or current skill strengths may be, take stock of these before deciding on a specific IT profession. 

Your next step is to then research the tech careers that best fit your traits, experience, and passions. For example, those more creative may choose to pursue roles in web or game design. Those more analytical and systemic may find that a data analytics or cyber security career fits their character best. As a large and ever-expanding industry, there’s a tech sector out there for everyone – so be sure to pick one that caters to your interests and abilities before diving into the field. 

Pursue online training

With IT careers reliant on technical skills, aspiring professionals are encouraged to pursue formal training and certifications. Plenty of these can be found online (such as those currently offered by Upskilled), providing you the opportunity of not only verifying your skills for the job market – but training at a pace, place, and schedule that suits you best. 

Such courses are especially beneficial for those currently employed. Through online training programs, those looking to change careers to the IT field can flexibly build their tech skills and experience while catering to their current work commitments. 

Launch your own personal projects

Of course, technical knowledge and formal studies can only get you so far. It’s also important to nurture your passions and hands-on experience through your own tech-related projects. Build your own website, attend coding competitions, improve the cyber security system of your home office – anything that can put your newfound knowledge to practice.

Plenty of online communities such as GitHub, Hackernoon, and Stack Overflow have also become popular hubs for aspiring IT professionals; helping you network with other people in your sector, pursue collaborations, and seek help from those more experienced.

Take up an internship

To take your practical tech experience even further, consider pursuing an internship in your specialty. This can offer you first-hand insight into the work environment, workplace culture, and expectations of your field by building your skills and knowledge on the job. You’ll get to work alongside actual industry veterans and expand on your professional network – helping you make contacts that can likely expand your future opportunities in the field. 

Additionally, plenty of internships often lead to full-time positions, provided you bring enough of an impact to the company! 


Join an association

Finally, joining a tech association can further expand your access to valuable industry resources, potential employers, and opportunities for professional development. 

Australia has plenty of renowned IT associations to choose from, including the Australian Computer Society, the Australian Web Industry Association, Women in Technology, and the CompTIA IT Industry Association. 

Becoming a member of these recognised industry bodies can also boost your reputation in the job market, verifying your skills and experience as industry-standard, competitive, and trustworthy. 

With Australian demand for tech skills only set to grow, there’s never been a better time to pursue an IT career. As mentioned, undertaking online training is a highly recommended pathway towards building your skills and experience – and Upskilled currently offers a wide selection of IT courses catering to various skills and specialties. Delivered online, these programs also offer the freedom of studying at a place and schedule that suits you best. 

Step into a world of low unemployment and high opportunity, and enquire with us on a tech course today.


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