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5 IT certifications for beginners or career changers

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

With technologies evolving at an unpredictable pace, it’s no surprise they’ve made for one of the largest, most exciting global industries today. As innovative sectors continuously emerge, so do new career paths seeking out those with the right skills, drive, and passion.

If you’re keen to explore what Australia’s IT field has in store, there are now plenty of online certifications to help you get started. 

We explore some of the most valuable ones offered by Upskilled below, from general tech skill sets to more in-demand specialisations. 

What IT certifications can I do as a beginner or career changer?

ICTSS009109 - Entry to Tech Skill Set 

“First-timers” in the tech field may want to consider starting out with a short course, helping them have a feel of the industry and the various skills areas in demand. 

Upskilled’s ICTSS009109 - Entry to Tech Skill Set provides a basic overview of the sector through “taster” subjects in cloud computing, programming, and ICT management. Students will learn to analyse cloud computing solutions for businesses; code and test simple applications; and securely manage workplace-related and personally identifiable information (PII). Additionally, you’ll get to build the soft skills necessary for any ICT environment, including effective collaboration with others, problem-solving skills, and data analysis. 

This course comprises four units of competency and can take up to 6 months to complete. For those in the beginner stages of pursuing IT, and/or may have other educational or professional commitments on hand, a short course may be your ideal entry point. 

ICT30120 - Certificate III in Information Technology

Think IT may be your next career path? Once you’ve explored what the field has to offer, you may wish to take a more serious turn in your skills training. A certificate qualification in IT can be a valuable ticket to entry-level roles in the field or higher-level programs and education.

Upskilled’s ICT30120 - Certificate III in Information Technology further covers the foundational skills required of an IT career, with subjects exploring basic web development, cloud computing, and cyber security. By the end of the course, you’ll have built the skill set to design simple web pages; identify and report online threats; analyse cloud computing solutions, and manage operating system software. Of course, soft skills are also a focus, with the course building on students’ analytical, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities.

This program comprises 12 units of competency and takes up to 12 months to complete. It also offers an additional course: VMware Digital Workspace: Core Technical Skills, providing you the option to get certified under the world’s leading virtualisation platform.  

ICT30120 - Certificate III in Information Technology - Focus on Basic Cloud Computing

cloud computing concept

Seeking an IT sector of exciting growth and increasing skills demand? With basic cloud computing skills an expected (standardised) job requirement by 2025, a qualification in the field can only be a worthwhile investment. 

Our ICT30120 - Certificate III in Information Technology - Focus on Basic Cloud Computing provides any tech professional with the basic skills to navigate cloud-based systems, providing subjects in cloud service configuration, entry-level cybersecurity, and cloud service evaluation. Those who complete the program will have built transferable cloud skills for any IT role – or the fundamental skill set to start pursuing a cloud computing specialty. 

This course comprises 12 units of competency and takes up to 12 months to complete. Students are also offered the option of pursuing an AWS-provided Cloud Foundations course, helping them get certified under a global leader in the industry. 

ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology

Those looking to further their fundamental skills in IT can undertake our ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology, a course with a focus on entry-level website development and basic cloud computing.

Students will acquire the skills to develop mobile applications, create dynamic websites, design web layouts, and configure core cloud services. You’ll additionally be trained in the soft skills required to provide effective help desk support, troubleshoot applications, manage operating system users and collaborate effectively within an ICT team. 

This program comprises 12 units of competency and takes up to 12 months to complete. Students once again have the option of pursuing an AWS Academy Cloud Foundations course, helping them get specially qualified in the cloud sector. 

ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology – Networking

If your interest lies in IT networks and cyber security, then you may fare best under a networking-focused certification. 

Our ICT40120 - Certificate IV in Information Technology – Networking offers a thorough overview of the skills required to manage and configure small-scale networks, with subjects that cover network operation, troubleshooting, installation, virtualisation, and cyber security. 

Students will acquire the fundamental abilities to secure network data; implement routers, switches, servers, and network hardware; and apply cloud solutions according to client business requirements.

This program comprises 20 units of competency and takes up to 12 months to complete. It also offers an additional VMware Virtual Cloud Network: Core Technical Skills course for those seeking to get VMware-certified. 

Are IT certifications worth it? 

With their ability to not only further one’s skills – but also further their chances for employment (or promotion), IT certifications are an absolutely worthwhile investment. Research shows that those who get qualified under vocational training typically experience improved employment status, with most also reporting a high level of satisfaction with their training. 

With expanding skills gaps in Australia’s tech sector, IT certifications pave the way for plenty of opportunity in the job market. They offer those with limited field experience the necessary credibility to draw potential employers, by demonstrating their industry-standard knowledge and skillset. Many are also now available to pursue online, providing you the flexibility of getting certified while tending to existing personal or work commitments. 

How do I get certified in information technology? 

information technology professionals

Online courses are a recommended pathway to getting certified in information technology, as they offer the freedom of training when, where, and at a pace that suits you best. They also grant you the flexibility to pursue work or practical experience through internships or volunteer opportunities while working towards your certification. 

Upskilled, for example, provides a wide selection of nationally-recognised qualifications in information technology, with many holding additional certifications under international IT bodies, such as AWS and VMware. 

Of course, not all certifications are built the same. Be sure to assess your available options, ensuring you pursue those that align with your current skill set, financial needs, and desired career path.  

Build the tech skills you need to boost your career path! 

Upskilled offers a varied range of online IT certifications suited to your specific skills level, career goals, and interests. Alongside beginner tech courses, we also provide advanced training in cyber security, networking, cloud computing, and general IT through diploma and bachelor qualifications. 

Whether you’re fresh out of school, switching careers, or are an existing IT professional looking to specialise, we offer the flexible training necessary for your ideal tech career. 

Get in touch with our education consultants today to discover the best course for you and your goals. 

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