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Consider yourself an introvert? These 5 jobs may be perfect for you

By Fi Darby

Being introverted isn’t necessarily the same thing as being shy. Just because you prefer to work alone or with a select group of colleagues, doesn’t mean that you don’t like people. The world, especially the world of work, needs both introverts and extroverts but, in a business environment full of  ‘get to the top’ pushing and shoving, it can sometimes be harder to think of suitable jobs for introverts.

5 clues to show that an introverted job would be best for you

  • You don’t like the concept of multitasking and prefer to focus all of your efforts on one job at a time. Contrary to popular belief, bosses like this because it means that they know every job will be given the time and effort it deserves.
  • Your preference for understanding a situation properly before you jump in makes you a great listener. This can be an invaluable skill when it comes to making business decisions that really solve problems.
  • You prefer the company of a few, carefully chosen people to crowds all trying to make themselves heard. This might not make you the most vociferous person in a meeting but it will mean that once people understand how you work, they will value your contribution.
  • You need to work in your own space and find crowded rooms counterproductive. This can be an issue if your boss has a passion for hot-desking and shared offices but flexible working arrangements are growing in popularity across Australia and working from the quiet of your own home is no longer such a difficult thing to achieve.
  • Your work colleagues sometimes find you too intense. From an ‘office chatter’ point of view this can be a disadvantage but what really matters at work is what your boss thinks and as soon as he sees the great results that come from your intensity and attention to detail, he will appreciate this characteristic and hopefully make the most of it.

business man working alone

The great news is that careers for introverts are more common than you think. So, if you are one of Australia’s budding introverted workers looking to start a career or find a new one that better suits your personality, look no further, we have some great jobs for introverts for you.

5 best jobs for introverts

  1. Web developer.
  2. Accountant.
  3. Logistics manager.
  4. Video game designer.
  5. Social media manager.

1. Web developer.

Web developer is a great job for introverts, although web developers do need to communicate with clients, this is often on a one to one or small meeting basis. Good careers for introverts need to give plenty of concentration time and you will have this whilst you are working with the code, doing the design work and setting up the network systems necessary for a website. Nearly half (44.8%) of web developers in Australia are educated to Postgraduate level but it is possible to either learn on the job or gain basic qualifications before you start applying, and there are some great web developer courses starting at Certificate level.

2. Accountant.

female accountant talking on phone

If you are thinking about introverted jobs, consider training as an accountant and providing financial services to businesses and individuals. Accountants can work within organisations, through an agency or for themselves, which means that you will have plenty of scope to choose the style of employment that best suits you. Accountants do have some interaction with customers but for much of the time they work alone, concentrating on the preparation of accounts, reporting and auditing procedures necessary to ensure compliance with legal requirements and business success. Many accountants (56.9%) are educated to Bachelor degree level but there is a range of accounting courses available and it is it is possible to study accounting online from Certificate level up.

3. Logistics manager.

Logistics manager is a great career for introverts. Logistics managers are responsible for the planning and coordinating of storage and supply for goods as they travel across Australia and around the world. Logistics managers need to be able to obtain information and use it efficiently to make important decisions and solve problems. They spend a fair amount of time interacting with computers but also need to be able to disseminate information to others via a range of communication methods. Education levels for logistics managers tend to vary with 22% holding a Year 12 qualification and 27.4% being qualified to Bachelor degree level. A Diploma level logistics qualification will provide the skills required to develop and maintain logistical operational procedures.

4. Video game designer.

Video game designers are often introverted workers because the amount of concentration needed to write complex gaming code necessitates an enjoyment of working alone. Video games designers need to be able to combine artistic skills related to design and logical skills related to computer programming; these are both skill sets often displayed by introverts. Whilst many video games designers start building their portfolios of design work before gaining related qualifications, most continue to study and more (38.8%) games designers are educated to Bachelor degree level than any other level. The great news is that there are courses from Certificate III level, which will complement and formalise your existing, hands-on skills.

5. Social media manager.

business woman working on smart phone

Social media managers often work from home as part of the gig economy but may also work through an agency or be directly employed by larger clients. They undertake and oversee social media strategy implementation in accordance with marketing goals. Social media has become one of the key marketing tools for most of Australia’s businesses and its effective management is often crucial to business success. Many (35%) marketing managers (including social media managers) are qualified to Bachelor degree level but, for those with a keen existing interest in social media, a short social media course might be a good place to start.

We have plenty more information about jobs for introverted people

If you haven’t seen an idea above that suits your idea of an introverted job, there are plenty more careers for introverts out there. Take a look at our series of career advice articles and take that first step to finding the perfect career and proving that there are plenty of great jobs out there for introverted people.

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