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Top 10 tech jobs in Australia with the fastest growing salaries

By Ben Madden

If you’re looking for a career in the tech industry, then it’s important to understand what roles are available. Working in the technology industry is a great choice for anyone who’s looking to be part of a fast-paced, growing industry with competitive salaries. Read on to learn more about what roles you could work towards in the technology industry, as well as how you can get ready for a career in technology!

What are the best tech jobs with the fastest growing salaries?

One favourable aspect of working in the technology industry is that the salaries are continually growing. Businesses are constantly looking for the best talent, and they’re willing to provide the remuneration to match. According to SEEK, these are the top 10 information technology careers by salary: 

1. Infrastructure Architect - $190,000 
Infrastructure Architects work with businesses to create information systems to help them succeed. This role requires a deep understanding of various IT solutions and the ability to orchestrate the best solution for a business’ needs. 

2. Enterprise Architect - $185,000
Enterprise Architects help enterprise businesses maintain and upgrade their IT systems. You’ll need to be across the latest in software and hardware and make decisions that can help enterprises utilise technology more efficiently.  

3. Architecture Manager - $170,000
Much like an Enterprise Architect, Architecture Managers make technological processes more efficient. You’ll often work with a range of stakeholders to help them identify IT weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

4. Program Director - $170,000
Program Directors oversee teams that are delivering IT projects. It’s the Program Director’s responsibility to manage the successful execution of various projects, providing expertise whenever it’s needed.

5. Security Architect - $165,000
Security Architects take charge of a business’ security systems. If you’re a cybersecurity specialist, then this role may appeal to you.

6. Domain Architect - $165,000
Domain Architects assist with digital overhauls, often focusing on a specific area of a business. If you have an IT specialisation, then this role may suit you.

7. Solutions Architect - $165,000
Solutions Architects dive deep into a business’ operations and evaluate how improved IT operations can make businesses succeed. If you’re someone that enjoys problem solving, then this career may suit you.

8. Data Architect - $165,000
Live and breathe data? Data Architects create policies and procedures related to how businesses use data, defining how it is collected, stored, organised and accessed. The world is becoming increasingly data-driven, so this role is one that is only set to become more important in the future.

9. Cloud Consultant - $165,000
Cloud Consultants show businesses how they can use cloud computing to improve their processes. The cloud can provide businesses with better ways of operating, so it’s a role that may appeal to those looking to help
businesses take advantage of new technology. 

10. Platform Manager - $160,000
Platform Managers oversee the computer systems that businesses use to operate. This job may require the development of platforms, the improvement of existing platforms or both, depending on the company’s requirements.  

What are the skills required for such jobs in tech?

While each role above will require specific skills (including understanding different technological programs/platforms), there are a range of skills that are applicable to every tech role.

Some of the transferable skills that can help you succeed in the technology sector include: 
  • The ability to communicate with a range of stake holders
  • The ability to manage the successful execution of various projects
  • The ability to manage your time, as well as the time of your team/s
  • The ability to solve problems (both IT and non-IT) as they arise 
  • The ability to assign tasks to team members based on their various skillsets 
  • The ability to lead a team/s when required 

How to get ready for a job in tech?

Now that you’ve seen what transferable skills are needed to succeed in the technology industry, it’s time to start working towards a job in tech to develop your IT skills. Understanding the specifics of each role you’re looking for can help you build your skillset through internships, which can help you work closely with people that have the experience and skills you’re looking for, and competitions, which can help you receive detailed feedback on your solutions to real-world problems. 

Speaking to people in your network that are already working in the technology industry can give you valuable insight into what’s needed to succeed in the sector. Whether you’re someone that knows exactly what role they want to work in going forward or you’re someone that is more broadly interested in the technology sector, reaching out to people that are already working in tech can help you plan your next steps.

You can also prepare for a career in tech by completing further study. Upskilled provides a range of nationally recognised qualifications in a variety of industries, including the information technology industry. Whether you’re interested in cloud technology, cyber security, programming, web development or want a rounded understanding of the skills needed to succeed in the technology sector, Upskilled has a course for you. 

Looking for a career in technology? Upskilled’s SkillsTalk blog can help. SkillsTalk features a range of tips and tricks to help you get ahead in the world of work. If you’re looking to make your next career move count, then you can visit SkillsTalk here!


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