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Student Q&A: Bradley Robinson

IT Faculty Student - Web-Based Technologies

With extensive experience in the supply chain industry, Bradley Robinson had the desire to study an IT course out of pure interest. He was already very skilled in IT but had the willingness to explore web design/development because it was a passion he had outside of his line of work.

In this Q&A, Bradley shares his experience studying IT with Upskilled, the benefits of studying online and advice to people thinking about studying a course based on pure interest.

You have experience working in logistics and wanted to explore IT as an area of interest. What inspired you to study a course outside of your expertise?

I’ve held many roles in the Supply Chain since 2003, from warehousing & transport, customer service to purchasing and manufacturing. While in these roles, I have always been the ‘go to’ guy for a colleague’s IT problems. I have always had a thing for anything tech-related.

Outside of the Supply Chain, I have a number of other interests that have kept me busy - design being a recently discovered talent that I really enjoy.

Recognising that I have superhero IT skills and a flair for design, I looked at ways to consolidate into both a hobby or job that I would enjoy. It became obvious to me that both designing and developing websites would suit perfectly. Web Design allows me to be creative and Web Development allows me to utilise my technical interests.

Since finishing a qualification in IT, are you hoping to change careers or start a side hustle?

At this stage, I'm not planning a career change - more of an addition to my career. I would like to design and develop websites for companies that haven’t given themselves an online presence. I believe my history both personally and in the Supply Chain will give me an advantage in being able to present a design that will clearly define a company; its people and its customers.

What makes this more exciting for me is that I can perform the tasks remotely. I can work with the client from their office, a home base, a café or even while travelling with family. I have the flexibility to make it work as I see fit. IT professionals working together

What did you like about studying online?

Studying online was the only option for me as I have a full-time job and young family. It gave me the flexibility to learn in my own time and at my own pace. Sometimes I had plenty of spare time where I could dedicate many hours to study, then there were other instances where it just wasn't an option.

The online experience was simple and easy to follow. It was well-structured and I understood what was required. Upskilled supplied me with a trainer and support staff, which made it easy to reach out for guidance and assistance.

How did Upskilled support you when it came to your studies?

After completing a Transport & Distribution qualification fifteen years ago, I hadn’t completed any study since. Even then, the course was completed on the job and supported by the workplace. 

I was extremely nervous about completing a qualification in Web-Based Technologies, not only because I hadn’t completed any study in such a long time, but I was also venturing into something different to what I had been doing professionally for so many years. 

Upskilled understood my situation and nurtured me through the process and into an online learning environment. Although I was out of my comfort zone, the support team and my trainer provided the support I needed to complete the course. Thank you, Upskilled. website design concept

What transferable skills in logistics do you think are relevant to someone working in IT?

I believe the skills obtained while working in Supply Chain would be beneficial to someone working in IT as it can provide them with an insight on how details can be communicated effectively. I’ve seen this in projects that I’ve been part of where the Supply Chain needs to communicate to the IT department and vice versa. 

However, both teams are not speaking the same language resulting in a solution that could be better. 

A simple word can have a completely different meaning in an IT environment to what it means from a Supply Chain perspective. Words like, front/back-end and end-user come to mind. All common words amongst both environments but all have different meanings. By studying the Web-Based Technologies qualification, I can understand how to communicate those words to someone working in IT, and back to someone outside of the industry.

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying a course based on their own interests? 

If you have the opportunity to study something that you’re interested in, don’t hold back and give it a go. You will gain a better understanding of your interest while expanding your knowledge base, which is a little bit exciting when the existing and new knowledge starts to come together.

It may lead you towards new job prospects that you really enjoy, allowing you to pursue those opportunities when they arise.

Studying is something I never thought I would do at this stage in my life, but it was the fact that I wanted to learn something outside of my career and having the support of my family that gave me the motivation to do so. A special thank you to my family for your support!

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