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Captivate and Convert – Building your Marketing Skills

By Vanessa Ciabatti

Combining innovative technologies, business analytics, and the art of visual and verbal persuasion – the marketing and communications industry offers an exciting and opportunity-filled landscape for those seeking a creative, dynamic, and “future-proofed” career.

A Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication can serve as a valuable entry to this field, helping provide the fundamental skills to excel in various roles and disciplines. We explore the benefits of this qualification below, and how Upskilled can help you get started.

Why enter the marketing and communications industry?

If you’ve got a passion for creativity, problem-solving, and exploring diverse perspectives – then perhaps you’d find a fulfilling career in marketing and communications. Aspiring professionals are offered plenty of avenues to choose from, such as social media marketing, public relations, and market research. Such sectors are only expected to further evolve and multiply due to advancing technologies such as mobile computing and e-commerce.

According to Labour Market Insights, this already large industry is projected to experience a substantial 4.4% further growth, increasing from 165,200 workers in 2021 to 172,400 in 2026 – an expansion likely driven by rising demand for online business and, in turn, digital marketing strategies. Additionally, the industry boasts a generous salary potential, with median weekly earnings of $2,548 AUD (or $132,496 per year). This is significantly higher than the all-jobs average of $1,593 AUD per week (or $82,836 per year).

It's a field best fit for those with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and who consider themselves “people”-persons – as it offers ample opportunities to meet, network, and collaborate with professionals across diverse businesses. Using IBM’s Watson Personality Insights, Hubspot has determined that the most important personality traits for marketing leaders include adventurousness, high-energy, assertiveness, intellect, and “achievement-striving”. 

The benefits of a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications

Build the skills to get your foot in the door

By exploring a diverse range of foundational skills and knowledge, a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications can be an excellent starting point for a rewarding career in the field.

The program delves into the key areas of any marketing role – including product promotion; making and delivering presentations; and pinpointing new areas of marketing opportunity. You’ll also gain the ability to analyse consumer behaviour and market trends, enabling you to make informed marketing decisions. Additionally, the program hones your skills in articulating and defending your ideas effectively while fostering productive business relationships.
With these fundamental proficiencies, you can confidently pursue entry-level marketing roles or advance to higher-level qualifications, such as a Diploma in Marketing and Communication or a Diploma in Social Media Marketing.

Get a “taste” of the marketing industry

A Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications provides curious individuals with a “starter feel” of the industry without the commitment of a lengthy university degree. This means you can test the waters and gain an introductory overview of the field (including its day-to-day responsibilities, workplace expectations, and the specific skillsets required), ensuring your passion truly aligns with the demands of the sector.

For those seeking an even more condensed training experience in various areas of marketing – we also offer a multitude of short courses, ranging from mere hours to about 4 months in length. These include our short courses in the Social Media Essentials, Personal Branding, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Certification Training, among others.

Gain transferrable skills for the marketing (or any) industry

Through a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications, students can gain invaluable transferrable skills applicable across various industries and careers, including:
  • Communication skills: This program can help you craft persuasive messages that resonate with diverse audiences – a skill applicable to fields like sales, customer service, or public relations.
  • Planning and organisation: Marketing training instils the abilities to plan and organise tasks effectively, allowing you to excel in project management, event coordination, or business development.
  • Technological literacy: Proficiency in using social media platforms, SEO, and analytics tools, honed during the course, can help enhance your personal online branding. This can benefit any career, whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or corporate professional.
  • Analytical skills: The program's focus on analysing consumer behaviour and market trends sharpens your analytical abilities, which are valuable in fields like market research, data analysis, or strategic planning.
Of course, these skills can also be achieved through our many other marketing courses, helping you further hone these abilities as you explore or advance in our qualifications.

Advance the career ladder with a skills boost

By acquiring additional skills through a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications, professionals can gain a deeper understanding of successful business management from a marketing perspective. This allows those currently employed in an existing business role to further advance or stand out in their careers.

For those already in entry-level marketing jobs, such as that of marketing assistant, completing this certification can pave the way for promotions towards positions such as a marketing coordinator or marketing manager.
Lastly, your enhanced skillset can also serve as a solid foundation for pursuing higher-level qualifications, helping propel your career even further. 

Pursue a convenient, accessible means of further study

Finally, our Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication offers the valuable opportunity of enhancing your skills through a convenient, affordable, and personalised means of further study.

With all our programs delivered online, you can build on your knowledge as an existing or aspiring marketer at a time, place, and pace that suits your learning needs best. Forget the extra effort (and costs) of travelling to a physical campus – our certificate course provides you with the option of studying right from the comfort of your own home. 

This is especially beneficial for those already juggling time-consuming job, family, or personal commitments; as our online courses allow them to tailor their learning sessions to a schedule that best works for them.

How to enrol in a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications

To get started in a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication (or any other one of our marketing courses), you can send our team an enquiry right from your chosen course page. Simply click “Enquire Now” on the upper right-hand corner and fill out the form required.

A career consultant will then get in touch to answer any questions you may have on the course, as well as assess your eligibility for any government funding options. Flexible payments may also be available, if needed. When you’ve confirmed your chosen course, you will then be given an enrolment form to complete. Those who have had previous qualifications or experience can also submit a recognition of prior learning (RPL) request if necessary.
Once you commence your course, you will be guided by an industry-experienced trainer throughout your learning journey. They’ll offer you all the assistance you’ll need in understanding, navigating, and completing your program assessments.

Unleash your marketing potential with a Certificate IV today!

A Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications could arm you with the essential skills to make a splash in this growing industry. Take that first step towards a thriving marketing career, and enquire with us today.

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