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How learning social media can benefit your business

By Jana Angeles

As a business, it's important to have an active online presence as a way to broaden your reach when it comes to connecting different audiences. Social media marketing plays a major role for many companies big and small, and it's a great way to monetise these channels to effectively market products and services, connecting with current and prospective customers. 

According to Yellow's Social Media Report 2020 - Part Two Businesses, SMBs (small-to-medium sized businesses) use social media marketing for the following reasons:

  • Promotion of business
  • Creating awareness and exposure
  • Generating sales

From the hospitality to the retail industry, social media marketing is a must if you want to make a real impact on your business and want to further your reach when it comes to community building and brand reputation. Not only that, many SMBs spend an average of $3000 per year on social media advertising and 80% have said that this method of exposure has been an effective use of their budget. 

If you're a busy entrepreneur but don't want to outsource the costs to hire a social media marketer to manage your online channels, SkillsTalk provide reasons why learning social media can benefit your business. 

It can help generate revenue and boost engagement

social media engagement concept

Social media marketing is a great way to get new leads for your business. For example, you can target specific people on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to make sure that the content you're marketing is seen to the relevant audiences. One of the benefits of creating ads on social media is that you can be creative and use graphics/videos that excite customers to check out your products and services. You can also use compelling copywriting to engage the audience you're marketing to as well.

One of the best ways to learn this is through an online course. Upskilled offers a short course in social media marketing that covers all the essentials and is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to develop their skillset, which can help them market to audiences online. In the Social Media Essentials course, individuals will be learning the fundamentals of social media marketing covering aspects like Facebook Ads and how to plan a social media strategy that effectively produces results.

Enhances customer experience

Having a strong online presence not only improves your reputation as a company but it can greatly enhance the customer experience. By creating content that is engaging and highlights the values you believe in as a brand, it can help establish a rapport and build a strong online community. One of the first things you should know in effectively branding yourself on social media is to be authentic when it comes to the information you share.

For example, Upskilled has their own Instagram page marketing aspects of the business. sharing content related to student testimonials, job tips and industry insights on the various online courses on offer. If you create content that is helpful while using messaging that resonates with your target audience, your followers will grow organically. Approach social media marketing as a 'soft sell approach' rather one that boasts sales and profitability. 

You avoid potential social media pitfalls 

social media concept

One of the benefits of doing a course in social media marketing is learning what not to do. With some solid training, you could become a guru with a little practise and experimentation. A course in social media marketing can help you avoid the mistakes of creating content that could potentially create a PR crisis. It can also equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to approach copywriting with tact and knowing what tone to use.

The Social Media Intensive short course can help you write sharp copy in no time as there is a module that focuses on content marketing. You'll be taught how to write effective copy tailored to your target audiences, which can help you convert customers. Plus, the course explores personal branding, which can help you build a personal identity for your brand and finding marketing opportunities to help accentuate this. 

Social media marketing is a great skill to have as an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your services? You may be an active marketing professional who specialises in copywriting, PR or content production looking to expand your services in social media marketing. Not only is it a helpful skill to have but it's an industry that is fast-growing and many companies are looking for social media marketers to help build a strong online following for their brand.

Having skills in social media marketing can also help you reduce overhead costs if you're someone that prefers to build your social channels from scratch. This is where the Social Media Essentials course can come in handy if you're looking to develop social media skills in a short amount of time. 

Boost your online presence with a social media course

Upskilled offers two short courses in social media marketing: Social Media Essentials (5 week course) and Social Media Intensive (10 week course). Depending on your needs as an entrepreneur or freelancer, these courses provide a comprehensive overview in the social media marketing field. You will also get the opportunity to plan and deliver high-quality social media campaigns. 

However, if you're after a nationally-recognised qualification, Upskilled also has the 10904NAT- Diploma of Social Media Marketing and it explores all key concepts in social media marketing and can help you prepare for roles as a social media manager or social media strategist. Get in touch with one of Upskilled's education consultants and enquire about a course today!

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in June 2018. Content has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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