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How to become a marketer in Australia

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

With every successful business comes a great marketing strategy. As we head further into 2022, the industry continues to be well in demand throughout Australia – and as long as business exists, it's a trend that’s likely here to stay. 

A profession directly impacted by changing technology, marketing offers numerous, ever-evolving specialties for workers of all fields and interests. In particular, if you consider yourself a “people person”, a creative, and possess a flair for communicating new ideas – then the world of marketing may just be your calling. 

Below, we break down the steps to pursuing a marketing career in Australia, and how a course with Upskilled can help. 

What steps should I take to start a career as a marketer? 

1. Examine your career options.

Marketing comes in various forms, so it’s important to evaluate your potential career pathways. What types of marketing are you interested in most? If you’ve got a knack for Facebook or Instagram, then perhaps the role of a social media marketer would suit you best. If you’re well in tune with cyber trends, digital marketing is another popular specialty. 

According to the latest Hudson salary guide, these two rank among the highest paid marketing roles in Australia (earning $80 – 90K and $70 – 80K a year, respectively) – alongside brand and product managers. 

Take the time to explore the roles available in the marketing field, weighing out their skills requirements, average salaries, and daily duties; while mapping them to your specific career goals and interests. 

2. Consider an online course. 

One of the most effective ways to kickstart your marketing career is to undertake an online course (or two). While traditional, on-campus courses and degrees are also an option, online training gives you the freedom of studying at a time and place that suits you best – allowing you to work or pursue marketing internships on the side. 

Upskilled currently offers such programs, from short courses in personal branding and social media essentials to fully-fledged marketing diplomas. 

Those just starting out, however, may wish to build the fundamental, work-ready skills of the field through a BSB40820 – Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication – a thorough course that trains you in the basic, employable skills in general marketing.

3. Take up an internship.


Your next step to a marketing career is to build on your work experience. While it’s possible to snag entry-level roles in the field with newfound course qualifications, internships are a highly recommended pathway to growing your industry network and “test-driving” your new skills in a professional environment. 

Such opportunities can be found on popular online job sites or among listings posted on LinkedIn. Students undertaking an online marketing course will have greater flexibility in pursuing these placements while studying; come graduation, this allows them to hit the ground running in the job market. You never know – your current internship may also turn into a full-time position if you prove a valuable fit for the company. 

4. Keep in touch with industry trends.

Lastly, it’s important to keep up to date on market trends and industry developments. This involves a dedication to continuous learning and skills development – as constantly evolving technologies cause the business and marketing landscape to grow and change at a rapid pace. For example, the current social media platforms used for brand promotion today may be irrelevant in a couple years’ time. 

Aside from skills training, other ways to keep in touch with industry happenings include subscribing to marketing publications, attending conferences, and joining a professional organisation (i.e. the Australian Marketing Institute). 

The latter, in particular, can further verify your skills for the job market; while allowing you to grow your network, participate in collaborative opportunities, and stay in touch with new ways to further your skills and career progression. 

What skills can I learn from a BSB40820 - Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication? 

As mentioned, Upskilled currently offers a BSB40820 – Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication for industry starters looking to build their basic skills.

This includes the ability to write and prepare marketing documents; promote brands and services; and analyse consumer behaviour. Students will also learn transferable business skills, such as the ability to manage risk, launch new ventures, and apply communication strategies. Additionally, you’ll develop your soft skills in building fruitful business relationships and articulating new ideas persuasively.  

To further put your skills to practice, students will also undertake practical assessments in a “simulated workplace”, helping them have a feel of the day-to-day processes in an actual marketing role. This allows them to graduate with “work-ready” skills, helping them stand out in the job market. 

What are the career outcomes after BSB40820 - Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication?

public relations concept

This course is best suited to those seeking to build fundamental marketing skills, or who currently hold a junior role and are looking to land that promotion. Career outcomes after course completion include the roles of:

1. Marketing officer.

Those in this role are responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing new advertising campaigns. The ability to keep up-to-date with new technological trends, as well as assess future industry opportunities, are a must. These professionals earn about $55,000 – 72,000 AUD a year.

2. Public relations officer.

Those in this role are in charge of maintaining or improving the reputation of a business. They typically carry out brand promotions and company-related events. These professionals earn about $57,500 – 75,700 AUD a year.

3. Junior brand manager.

Those in this role typically develop new strategies of promoting brands and increasing brand loyalty. They may also regularly perform market research to keep in touch with competitor activity. These professionals earn about $57,300 – 74,000 AUD a year.

How long does it take to complete a BSB40820 - Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication?

This qualification is made up of 12 units of competency, and takes an average of 12-18 months to complete. 

Whether you’re launching your own business or looking to specialise in the marketing field – the skills to promote new ventures and persuade audiences is crucial for any field. Our BSB40820 – Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication is an ideal kickstart to get your foot in the door, or to simply build your skillset for higher-level roles. 
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